Enkō – Codon

Enkō – Codon

(Crescent London, 2021-05-28)

After two resounding compilations, Crescent London is releasing its very first EP, with Portuguese Enkō in the lead. 

Making the leap from assorted albums covering a large spectrum of sounds to the work of one single artist is a necessary step for a label in the making. It progressively builds the vision the label would like to be known for. 

With its first two VAs, Crescent London has set a very high standard of quality, it’s now time to define the direction. However, if the responsibility placed on the shoulders of the solo artists seems pretty heavy, it’s in fact not so solemn: “the music talks by itself” and it’s mainly what the solo artists will make out of it that will gradually build the label’s sonic signature.

It’s in such a context that Enkō from Lisbon makes his prominent entry with “Codon”, after having already produced one track on the label. Talking about “shoulders”, Enkō has robust ones: Having studied Sound Design at the prestigious Leeds Beckett University, he co-runs the prolific label HAYES Collective, founded the ambient sessions Ocaso, hosts a radio show, performs in intimate places as well as in festivals and is involved in many other artistic projects. Such activities give him a pretty dense experience. His productions are cerebral, using percussions to play on the mental as much as on the physical. 

“Codon” in particular features dub themes with deep and hypnotic techno undertones, and includes two remixes from the talented Worg and Nternal Bserver.

The first piece begins with a solid groove, introducing lively percussion that forces progression. Halfway through the track, Enkō surprises with complimentary dub chords. It’s not easy to incorporate club-ready dub techno above 130 BPM, but the fusion achieved by Enkō gives the track an efficient boost.

The second piece takes a different approach, breaking itself down with more specific dub techno elements. As the track continues, the syntax of the dub aesthetic starts to hit in a delightful way, in contrast to the driving nature of “Anshin.”

Enkō’s third piece leaves the dub flavour to explore more drone-ish vibes, tainted with spirals. Following a similar energy of “Anshin”, “Kessler” ensures a proper journey of sound exploration. Pads and percs, overshadowed by a blanket of drones that pulsate as a liquid, seek to tranquillise the listener.

Following the original productions are Worg’s and Nternal Bserver’s differing twists on the two last tracks. With Worg emphasising the groove factor of the original design for “Anshin”, Nternal Bserver, on his side, adds natural and organic elements in “Codon”, making his version an extremely meditative track.


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