Edward Bei – Emerald Sun

 Edward Bei – Emerald Sun

(Edward Bei, 2021-05-14)

Behind each cerebral piece of art potentially lies an equally stimulating source of inspiration. Edward Bei’s muse stands in the rich – and enriching – nature. In the image of the living shamanic cultures, such as the Kogis in Colombia, the artist-philosopher believes that mankind is first and foremost an element of nature, a vessel that belongs to Earth and that returns to Earth after death. The producer, evolving both in ambient music and atmospheric techno, conceptualises the message by enveloping the listener in warm, comforting layers, tainted with field recordings from nature. It comes as an invitation to reconnect with the essence of what the environment has to share; a reminder of where well-being can really find its source from.

Edward Bei has a great discography already, mainly independent, while having started to produce less than half a decade. “Emerald Sun” includes five distinct tracks of mostly ambient nature with electronica themes.

“Amenti”, the first one, opens with an uplifting mood through cinematic design and heavy textural notes. Carefully building for the entire duration, the track slowly ascends the listener into its ether. The two following tracks, “Space Born” and “The Seven Lords”, continue a similar delicate and peaceful path. The storytelling notably changes with “Bondage of Night”, where the listener will notice darker elements in stark contrast, but “Arulu”, the last track, comes as a message of hope for a happy ending. 

The release in its entirety is a gem of spectacular sound design and creative approaches. However, hidden in the description of the EP is a little poem easy to miss…

“Seek thee ever more wisdom
Find it in the heart of the flame
Know that only by striving
Can light pour into thy brain

Now have I spoken with wisdom
List to my voice and obey
Tear open the veils of darkness
Shine a light on the way”

Taken from “The Emerald Tablets of Thoth,” the antic text selected by Edward Bei slips in the cryptic and obscure content to produce a scene to ascend. While listeners can interpret the combination how they wish, the mystery of each piece of art, as separate entities, is meant to be foggy. Allow for Edward Bei’s production to feed clarity into each!


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