Doctrina Natura – The Fire Of The Beginning Of Time

 Doctrina Natura – The Fire Of The Beginning Of Time

(Agos, 2021-06-06)

Doctrina Natura has been blending the edges of techno and nature together since 2017. Usually accompanying his body of work with personal philosophical beliefs, the artist is crafting conceptual releases based on tribal and ethnic elements, conveyed into eerie atmospheres. Known for his ability to create deep realms for the listener to escape to, he designs each release to be heard as one long, mesmerising journey.

His footprint can be found on labels such as Secuencias Temporales, Circular Limited, Phonotropismi, Ordinamento Selettivo, and now, for the second time, on the Singapore-based label Agos, formerly known as Alexandar, a name that rings a bell to many.

Since its creation in 2018, Agos has succeeded to cover the deep hypnotic techno scene with its specific colourful aesthetic. Doctrina Natura is returning to the label after his 2019 phenomenal EP “The Dream of Adora“.

Through “The Fire of The Beginning Of Time”, the Spanish artist is urging us to look into our primitive roots, as a way to remind us of the humble status of the human being in front of “Mother Earth”. Through the EP’s rich evocative tracks, the artist is also inviting us to experience the pleasure of contemplation. Stopping time and looking around potentially comes as one of the best ways to realise how much we belong to this world and not the other way around. Eventually, if the listeners listen closer, they might hear Mother Earth’s whisper, which will guide them with her sound.

Tribal drum patterns, angelic sacral choirs, uncanny sonic spaces and indigenous chants are sprinkled all over the release. With the aboriginal mask in the artwork in addition – another great psychedelic piece from Agos’ co-owner Void himself – the whole EP is a successful picturesque homage to both our Planet and our ancestral roots.


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