Doctrina Natura – Mago EP

Doctrina Natura – Mago EP

(Deflection Music, 2021-08-23)

To join our community on Facebook, people must fill out a short questionnaire, with one of the questions being “could you share some examples of sounds that you enjoy?”. There was a time when labels such as Hypnus were systematically shared, and we have now more and more artists such as Doctrina Natura that are named, somehow showing the emergence of talented artists, that were totally unknown not so long time ago.

Doctrina Natura from Spain doesn’t have a lot of releases to his credit yet, having been in the production game for a few years only, but his discography is very solid, including three resounding albums, on Agos, KVLT├ľ Records and Secuencias Temporales, that we highly recommend to check out. He also has some memorable EPs, including one on Agos again, that we have reviewed (here).

The character is also very interesting as a person, a man in his 30s, who has already captured a certain amount of wise philosophies and convictions, that he enjoys sharing both humanly and musically. His past alias was “The Thinker”, showing a conscious artistic will to speak to the mind more than to the body. 

For instance, while many of us have one foot on Earth and another one in the cosmos, Doctrina Natura defends the importance of the roots, of the connections that we share through our families, groups and communities, which convey reliable energy to evolve in life, more concrete than our cosmic dreams. As his alias suggests, he also has a strong respect for Mother Nature, who he certainly considers his real queen in Spain.

Doctrina Natura is now back on Deflection Music, one of the first labels he collaborated with. “Mago” (“Wizard” in English) brings the listener on a tribal journey, not necessarily in the ancient times: the first track “Celebration”, for instance, evokes for us the gathering of the “Dead Poet Society” in the cave – for those who have watched the 1989 movie – with its mischievous, playful sonorities, its psychedelic drone and the drunk electrifying spirals. The author certainly didn’t have this precise vision in his creative process, but the track will at least probably evoke for each listener the celebration of close relatives, who are enjoying sharing the trippy state together.

The second track “The White Hand” plays the mysterious card, with its intense atmosphere, its haunting notes and its evasive chants in the background. The piece builds up a palpable tension as the seconds tick, which generates a powerful emotional vortex: to listen at your own risk!

“Misty Zenith”, with its voodoo sonorities and its stunning percussions, brings the release to a higher trippy dimension, and while getting lost in it, the end comes too fast. A quick look at the timing confirms it: 4min42 is really not long for such an evasive piece. The only thing left to do – for a happy living – is to set a loop in the body of the track and to enjoy being a prisoner of it.

Doctrina Natura releases then the tension with the closing track. “Lost Knowledge”, deep and beautiful, warrants its place in the chill-out culture. Before leaving the journey of the track, we ultimately make a link between its title and the importance of (re)connecting with the roots, with our families, our beloved people, like a last important thought to print in the memory before closing the eyes.


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