Dino Sabatini – Mantis 06

Dino Sabatini – Mantis 06

(Delsin Records, 2021-06-07)

A “yearning, searching strain of techno with plenty of melodic warmth and an inherent understanding of the principles set out by the genre’s innovators” may be the scope set for Delsin Records as a whole, but absolutely reflects in the newest release by Dino Sabatini on the Mantis series.

Adding weight to the already solid collection of artists who have released on the Amsterdam label’s offshoot, Sabatini comes in with a profound delicacy in sound. The minimal elements are used inventively to create an expansive atmosphere that grows and evolves.

The principal element tying the tracks together is the way Sabatini merges the acoustic and electronic percussions. His approach exemplifies the ritualistic vibe, bringing together the parallel energies in tribal sounds and hypnotic techno.

The three first tracks come with organic, soft-sounding percussions. The way they are used in an electrifying, concretely structured loop, shifts them into the realm of electronic, while being softened up by graduating atmospheric sounds.

“Akanke” – perhaps a sort of flip side to “Dakarai” – steps out by focusing the attention on the electronic beat. Less organic sounding, somehow more aggressive and rapid in its trip-hop influences, it is balanced out again with the use of softly presented, unique percussive forms. Off-beat elements add to the engagement, and an overall sound design seemingly creates a three-dimensionality, which makes the track almost rotating, spinning, as illustrated by Bernie Van Vlijmen’s artwork (if he didn’t inspire himself such a sound-induced feeling).

Outis Music owner Sabatini illustrates one more time how being ever-changing yet timeless with sounds can bring forward another impressively orchestrated piece.


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