Crescent London – Meanders

 Crescent London – Meanders

(Crescent London, 2021-02-18)

After an exciting launch of Crescent London with a first resounding VA, the label reignites through its second one, titled “Meanders.” Managed by Labyrinthine and Concrete Gold, Crescent London has created a home for unique artists to complement each other; sharing contrast among the polar opposite. Where one flavour is bold and dense, another is light and savoury.  

Continuing on a comfortable medium, “Meanders” gives us the well-rounded composition every enthusiast craves. From the generous thirteen tracks in the release, it’s difficult to evade the converging styles. Whether it be Adhémar’s “Light Sounds at Night”, which caresses the listener through a slow buildup of warm frequencies, or Rookas’ “Lightchaser”, hitting with a sudden nice glow of energy, the tracklist diverges wonderfully. In opposition to “daytime” and “nighttime music” conceptualised by the label, Javier Marimon presents a wonderful ambient piece of daytime; one that promotes tranquillity in sunlight, titled “Tangente Eo”, in contrast to Nternal Bserver’s battle with the darkness in “Photorealism”, hitting with deep pulses that outline nightly silhouettes.

Distinct sounds and a peculiar line-up have made a footprint for “Meanders” in this weekly news. With much to look forward to in Crescent London’s label, the community has been blessed thus far!


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