CHPTR – Epilogue

CHPTR – Epilogue [CHPTR, 2024-06-12]

Is this “Epilogue” an ode to nearly ten years of a sound determined in quality and consistency?

Five years after “Narrative“, CHPTR returns, as a duo of artists (and label) with an exciting quest: to jog the memory of the hypnotic techno’s golden years and tickle the sonic tastebuds of our music aficionados.

Nostalgic in sound but edging ever-forward in provocative, futuristic elements, “Faint Light”, the first track, is a strong nudge, which instantly reminds fans and fellow music lovers of the hypnotic techno charm, and why CHPTR is synonymous with the genre.

Collaborations that are grounded in a shared musical philosophy have always held a personal fascination. Reggy van Oers and Deepbass continue to feed it, with their CHPTR project also proving the test of time. “Epilogue” is indeed another clean lesson of tunnelling techno delivered by the duo, which provides us again with a delightful immersive listening experience. The eight tracks flow seamlessly, bearing the mark of the jam session, and generate a vast, fantastical, atmospheric vista. 

Consequently, the album requires a reminder of patience by slowing down, sitting back to sink in and getting fully immersed (and hypnotised).

In parallel, the narrative subtly whispers a mystery unfolding at every piece and allows room for interpretation and imagination. The track titles, such as “Faint Light”, further hint at the presence of a curious protagonist embarking on a thrilling adventure, emphasised by the driving energy and fast-flowing bleeps.

The subtle percussions and ominous chords, which ascend into light, whisp of wonder in “Forgotten Altar”. Similarly, “Twisted Paths” creates a psychedelic scenario with gyrating, spatial elements and rhythmic rave-like basslines that would be hard to resist on a dancefloor. 

A no-skipping dive into the eight-tracker is highly recommended, to catch the meticulous process of jamming and post-production, as well as the mastery of preserving the genre’s legacy, which paves the way for the sound before name and fame.

“Epilogue” humbly extends the duo’s hypnotic techno journey, held near and dear for many, and happily for our community, Deepbass confirmed that unlike the main title suggests, the album is not CHPTR’s last voyage. Unsurprisingly, we are already looking forward to the next episode…


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