Charybdis – Sunken Artifacts

Charybdis – Sunken Artifacts

(Chardybdis, 2021-02-26)

While the launch of a new label is usually symbolised by an iconic take-off, Charybdis has chosen the opposite direction, by plunging its listeners into an abyssal ocean, straight from its very first release. From the warm surface to the cold depth, we are invited to discover the label’s oceanic sound signature, made of deep, dark and hypnotic techno. Pacaya illustrated beautifully the concept in his artwork, evoking Jules Vernes’s “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas”, and has, by that, found a way to illustrate the label’s new adventure. Let’s start…

The mystical atmosphere of the first track illustrates the release name and serves as the starting point of the intriguing expedition: a discovery, followed by rising actions. Much like a historic artefact stuck in a modern world, Klara Vedis has blent the two contrasts together, giving a fitting exposition. The following tracks then slowly build up the tension, until “Forgotten”, which has its very unique one. From a large toolbox of strange sounds, Floating Machine often gives off little surprises, inviting the listener for a second listen. Biocym’s track, right after, represents a certain climax of the adventure and, full of pulsating bass and intoxicating synths, “Existence”, by Solarythm, drags us into the abyss with deeper frequencies. The last track is not an outro, showing that the story requires some sequels, which is great news regarding the future of the label.

With more artists to compliment, “Sunken Artifacts” has a range of flavours for an interesting dialogue between deep frequencies and forward-thinking techno, making Charybdis a very promising label.


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