BLNDR – Callopsis

BLNDR – Callopsis

(Kizen Records, 2021-07-09)

Venturing beyond the unknown, to the misty mystic peaks; climbing the immovable rocks, and cherishing the gentle creeks. (BLNDR)

Such a picture fills the mind as the listener is greeted by Javier Marimon’s illustrated psychedelic cover art, representative of Kizen Records’ intriguing layouts. Although the unknown tends to present an element of fear for some, label founder Romi suggests the beauty of latent possibilities through his project.

The idea of venturing beyond the unknown may also be sensed in the four tracks EP presented by BLNDR. With the track names and artwork for this release referring to the Araceae family of flowering plants, tying to nature’s unbound possibilities also comes to mind.  

Similar to how a bud presents the possibility and wonder of what the flower may turn out to be, the first track “Ulearum” brings a light-hearted feeling of playful curiosity. Like a soft sunrise spreading over a landscape, the track is gentle and somewhat comforting. As the sweet sounds flow into each other, there is an invigorating, alluring force. BLNDR shows the capacity in creating layers of emotion in the varied use of chords. 

In “Callopsis”, an emerging, downtempo tribal beat gives a sense of presence in continued growth and discovery. Evolving and somehow maturing in presence are the sounds in “Protarum” and “Gorgonidium”. On the edge of a climax but always leaving a yearning for further discovery: this is the magnetic, enchanting power known of BLNDR. An uplifting pace in hats and kick further captivates and charms. Downtempo, arpeggiated chords bend and meander in a spirited dance. 

As discussed in a recent interview with MNMT, Romi drew inspiration for the label’s name from an ancient Japanese word from Kenya Hara’s book “White”: 

[Kizen] – An empty space possesses a chance of becoming by virtue of its receptive nature. The mechanism of communication is activated when we look at an empty vessel, not as a negative state, but in terms of its capability to be filled with something. (Hara)

Romi’s encouraging and energising state of mind for the future, reflected in the label, has left listeners with the interesting discography which makes up Kizen today. Adding to this, there is also the wondrous appeal of what this label’s future is yet to become.


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