Bahn Records – Infinite Ocean

 Bahn Records – Infinite Ocean

(Bahn Records, 2021-05-27)

For its fifth VA, Bahn Records has conceptualised oceanic unity as a call for freedom sensed through the music, produced by a great lineup of artists. The label somehow paraphrases explorer Jacques Cousteau’s quote:

From birth, man carries the weight of gravity on his shoulders. He is bolted to earth. But man has only to sink beneath the surface and he is free. (Time, 1960)

Diving deep in the ocean, or in the inner mind, potentially paves the way to a certain bliss. This is the sensation that “Infinite Ocean” aims to create. 

The metaphysical dimension is a well-known artistic topic for the Barcelona-based techno collective. BAHN’s selection of emerging underground artists creates the enigmatic sound pallet desired in its “MIND” series. Being part of it, the VA is specifically designed to be mental and evocative, thanks to efficient pads and atmospheric layers.

Starting off the album with familiar natural tones, Doctrina Natura installs the comfort of the journey. Following the oceanic metaphor, Kontinum and ABSIS sink beneath the surface with deeper vibes, while Eljan and Polygonia introduce the dark blue environment with intriguing and fascinating sounds. The following artists alternate the deep and mysterious vibes through various energies, reconstructing in the enthusiast diver’s mind the diversity of the ocean, living in more or less strong currents. 

All the different artists are in safe hands with ASH in charge of the mastering: the Spanish DJ/producer and sound engineer brilliantly contributed to the feel of unity invoked by the concept, thanks to very consistent work. The Hungarian photographer and graphic designer Marta Belev, behind each artwork of the label, once again sealed the deal with her stunning cover picture, putting an arcane feel to the package.

Thanks to overall great teamwork, the boundaries are dissolved to create the required unified environment for the MIND series. The compilation also motivates to follow the label’s nights in Club Razzmatazz in Barcelona, where BAHN has its residency.


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