Artificial Drm – Pythagoreo

Artificial Drm – Pythagoreo [Semantica, 2021-02-01]

According to Pythagoras, the soul is nothing more than a number, which comes from the cosmos through light, falls into a terrestrial living and is released after death, either to return to the cosmos or to reincarnate into another living. This philosophy, potentially inspired by ancient shamans, is reminiscent of the cycle of water, which represents it well metaphorically: a drop of rain (the soul) comes from the sky, falls onto the ground, nourishing the soil or getting trapped into a bottle (the human body), then finds its way to return to the sky, before starting the process again, over and over, in an infinite cycle.

Before thinking that Pythagoras was abusing some sort of ancient vegetal drugs, remember: he’s credited with having been the very first to teach the spherical aspect of Earth, just based on his intuition. It doesn’t prove anything, but it’s at least a great reminder that at the source of any knowledge comes intuition. While the theory is a construction of the mind, “the intuition is the whisper of the soul”…

Behind Artificial Drm (“Dream”) are Dimitris Donald Kananis and Anastasio Gambino, two rising artists from Greece who are composing music very instinctively. “Pythagoreo” is the result of jam sessions, illustrating well the philosopher’s metempsychosis: the cycle of life, the cycle of water, the cosmic symphony, in which it is very easy to get lost.

The duo is first and foremost a live act, and this is precisely in one of their shows in six d.o.g.s in Athen that they met Svreca, who was also performing there. Music heals, and music connects. One track selection later, “Pythagoreo” was born on Semantica, with its trippy organic vibe and crispy shining sounds. Warm welcome in Greece, a few millennia later…


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