Danza Nativa Invites 011 – Arkajo

When shared in our Facebook group, the mix broke some records of reactions. This is firstly thanks to its author Arkajo, well-respected in the scene as part of the duo Genius of Time with Dorisburg, and co-founder of the legendary Swedish deep house label Aniara Recordings with Fabian Bruhn. This is secondly thanks to the nature of the mix itself: a percussive slap, with fresh bouncy grooves and many “wow effects” on the way, such as at 26:30, for the entry of an abyssal mashup between Konduku’s “Antippen” and an ambient layer provided by Arkajo.

Recorded for Forest On Stasys’s project Danza Nativa, very familiar to our community, the set is a great representative of modern tribal techno, ascendant house. We are in Aniara’s world, with its hypnotic structures and housey grooves, highlighted by funky, well-dosed claps and by the integration of tracks by artists who are clearly evolving in house music, such as Boddika & Joy Orbison.

Hypnus wizzard Michel Iseneld would probably say something like “And so what? House music can be dope!” It’s true: what’s wrong with these journalists and writers – including us – who label everything in a compulsive way instead of simply appreciating the music in itself? At this level of design and groove, it is a powerful call to break the boundaries and enjoy the blast of the modern journey; leaving only one possible conclusion: IT IS TIME TO START A REBELLION AGAINST THE MUSIC GENRES!!!

Voila, dear Arkajo, this is what your mix provokes.

Have a nice day.

Tracklist [Please buy the tracks to support the underground scene with us]

1. Arkajo – Rhythm Consequence #1 [Unreleased]
2. Rhythmic Theory – Cyclic Motion [Crème Organization]
3. Szare – Crop Failure [Field Records]
4. Härdstedt – Esrange (Arkajo Remix) [Vala]
5. Molar Module – Kifarasi [Haknam]
6. Evan Baggs – Ideas & Concepts (Dj Qu Remix) [Faith Beat]
7. Konduku – Antippen [Nous’klaer Audio]
8. G-man – Enforcer (Dub mix) [Self-released]
9. Techtower – Unreleased (Arkajo Edit) [Unreleased]
10. Arkajo & Efraim Kent – Unreleased [Unreleased]
11. Cousin – 1 Tun [Moonshoe Records]
12. Ebende – The Source (Arkajo Remix) [ARKAJO]
13. Tano – Rosa e Nero [In Armatura]
14. Arkajo – Signature [ARKAJO]
15. Boddika & Joy Orbison – For What… [Unreleased]


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