ALPI and Essē – Thoughts Create Reality

ALPI and Essē – Thoughts Create Reality

(The Gods Planet, 2021-03-08)

The Gods Planet: a voyage in every release, with this one being the 30th. Each journey within Ness’ label is distinct yet comfortingly familiar. 

The repetitive compositions, a bit like sonic memories, lead to that trance-like state hypnotic techno followers surely show sensitivity towards and receive from this collaboration between ALPI and Essē.

Taking on the name of this release, the opening track, with its structured upbeat tempo, is a melancholic piece, otherworldly, as hints of drone and acid lines create a slow flow into the melodious chords. 

Layers of interpretation are expressed in Feral’s Dub rework, owning surprising but yet profound vocals and mesmerisingly peculiar ambient sounds, which take the listener into Feral’s signature depth, for a multidimensional experience.

“Awareness” follows with discreet percussions and consistent rimshots, characteristic of TGP. The flow remains dynamic, setting up the mark of a versatile EP, danceable but also enjoyable for a meditative listen. A prominent drone element – at times hinting at acid – ties the tracks together and unifies the whole. 

Cypse has then an uplifting take with chorus-alike chords and driving dainty hi-hats, serving as a sweet closing to the EP.

Beauty lies in the timeless experience: listening to these tracks, again and again, uncovers an irresistible magnetic feel; a phrase, a break or an unrecognisable sound which triggers the imagination.


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