Akenaton – Rituals In The Shadows

 Akenaton – Rituals In The Shadows

(Selected Records, 2021-02-22)

Since its inception, “Selected Records” never stopped pursuing its goal to give a great exposure to worthy underground artists. The Spanish label heads, Gabriel D’or and Bordoy, have been prevalent in the underground community for at least a decade and their experience is shown through their ability to experiment with a nice array of sounds and sub-genres. These characteristics have been clearly purveyed in their selection of artists. That sonic diversity is also represented through support by artists from Antonio De Angelis, Dave Clarke to A Thousand Details and Svarog. In this particular release, the Madrid-based DJ & producer Akenaton returns almost two years after his prior release to deliver four stunning acid-infused tracks.

“Inferior Conversion” features a futuristic feel, channeled through cybernetic notes with a subtle touch of almost celestial undertones. Accompanied with a lush bass line, it has a great semblance of beautiful eeriness, which also supplies melodic spurs at the best of times. To follow up, “Bad Deed” comes in with a more energetic overtone and deep rolling drums, ideal for an increase of tempo, with euphoric synths as it progresses. “Power Of Convince”, on its side, boasts a well balanced presence of percussion, resonance, and a looming serenity ideal for winding down and release the tension. “Night Road”, the most seraphic track of the EP, diffuses the atmosphere with rich, soothing pads and an hypnotic acid-filled bassline, which, together, end of the journey into sunrise.


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