Adhémar – The Name Of Things

Adhémar – The Name Of Things

(Huinali Recordings, 2021-06-28)

Adhémar’s album “The Name Of Things” reminds us of a long-lost art, the art of contemplation. Contemplation teaches us to slow down, take a break and cultivate a sense of presence. Being a notorious painter, the Brussels-based French DJ and Producer is particularly familiar with this deep approach, which he highlights both in his music and paintings. In an ever faster-growing life, he invites the listeners to ease and settle down, reconnecting our inner world with this idea that life is about “being” maybe more than “doing”.

While contemporary hypnotic techno contains a chilling, relaxing flavour, Adhémar goes deeper within such frequencies. In his third album, he conceptualises the use of human vocabulary, often incomplete to describe deep sensations. The visual artist reconnects the listeners to the essence of what the sound adds, compared to the words. He gives an ode to six “things”, translating musically what their name inspires for him and/or should inspire for us: the “clouds”, the “birds”, the “games”, the “stones”, the “trees” and the “cities”. 

Such a creative approach invites the listeners to expand their awareness and connect better to the sound, thanks to the evocative titles, which then take to a much more meaningful dimension.

While Adhémar’s albums systematically contain six original tracks – at least up to date – this one generously adds three remixes, making clever use of the three re-interpretations by letting Inhmost, Gallery Six and The Vision Reels share their own view on the “clouds”, the “birds” and the “Cities”.

It’s not a surprise that Adhémar, for this ambitious project, collaborates with Huinali Recordings, Oslated’s sub-label dedicated to dub techno and dub ambient. Firstly, Adhémar is one of Oslated’s talented graphic designers, having also produced a couple of tracks for the label. Secondly, Huinali Recordings totally suits the Belgium artist’s sound signature. “The Name Of Things” is dominated by tracks ranging from aerial to more earthly vibes, offering a wide spectrum of sensations to the listeners. The album, if experienced in full, with its down-tempo beats and evocative flavour, perfectly aligns with the true meaning of contemplation.


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