Secuencias Temporales is only a few years old while having already about 50 releases in its discography. The project is at the service of an ideal, whose conception has fascinated us since day one: an extremely deep sound signature, diffused in pieces “that have something to say”. Particularly inspiring for our writers, the Mexican label quickly reached the top of our favourite imprints: deep music creates deep connections.

We’ve been therefore very honoured and excited that the man behind it, Eafhm, accepted to do a chart. Producer, live act, DJ, sound engineer, graphic designer, label owner, he’s a jack of all trades, who has succeeded in surrounding himself with the right artists and concepts. Primal Code, Biocym, Doctrina Natura, Adhémar, Laima Adelaide, Ver and many more: they all understand and share Eafhm’s language. Deep and rich, it is the expression of a generous, creative and meticulous mind, as sensed in his last mix for Orb Mag.

Eafhm is also Sephora‘s right-hand man, another deep Mexican label born last year. Thus his deep frequencies, also palpable in this project, propagate themselves for our greatest pleasure. Hand on heart, he prepared the present chart with a lot of loving care and affection. Unsurprisingly, his selection is… hypnotic!



Donato Dozzy and Cio D’Or – Menta [Time To Express, 2009]

Eafhm: Solid techno… The hypnotic energy, faithfully captured through the subsonic frequencies, subtly introduces the mid-high percussions. The bassline stands out from the atmosphere it creates, responding to the kicks which keep us in a trance-like state. When I hear “hypnotic Techno”, the first classic track that comes to my mind is this one, maybe because I have listened to it so many times over the years. It is undoubtedly a classic for many people.


Launaea – Entangled [Kizen Records, 2020]

Eafhm: Complex textures, deep atmospheres, a detailed work of sound design in the wake of well-structured synthesis and well-crafted percussion, subtle but with great presence… That’s how I can describe Launaea’s track, spectacular for several reasons. What first brings it to my selection are those deep atmospheres and ambiences that remind me of the early IDM rhythms that I love so much and that marked my adolescence.


Andy Stott – New Ground [Modern Love, 2011]

Eafhm: Arduously worked percussions give an impression of depth without counteracting the interplay between the kicks and the sub-bass. The track is made of a repetitive structure that doesn’t tire. Slow, intelligent and mental, the approach partly characterises Andy Stott’s music. It’s for me a perfect track to close a session, with that spectacular voice leaving me asking for more.


JET – Obscurity Movement [LARMES, 2018]

Eafhm: “Obscurity Movement” relies on slow techno and the handling of vocal effects conveys a deep feeling. Some percussions with spatial reverb and bass-like breaths rise from deep within and dialogue with the pads, which sound like lamentations… The title of the track perfectly fits its energy.


Aural Research – ● [Spagiria, 2017]

Eafhm: Techno is expressed here in its most experimental form. The kicks and the ambient layer together form an unconventional percussive figure. The behaviour of the bass and hi-hats is related to particularly well-planned beats and beat repeaters. The percussion manages to create harmonies, complemented by the use of glitches. Some people may think that such structures are not complex, but I can tell you that something like this in fact requires a high level of technical skills, not only in the production realm but also in mathematics. I think that this type of track borders the thin line between techno and IDM.


Flogo – Acamantis [Ahrpe Records, 2015]

Eafhm: The reason I’ve selected this track is because of a fond memory I have of it. Some years ago, my friend Envvvrd and I were in the middle of a session inside an outdoor party. I remember having played this vinyl to drop this track in particular: the way its bassline sounded through the Funktion-One system had been a unique experience. The track is quite loaded in the low and subsonic frequencies and I think that the duo achieved something very big within the low frequencies. The track covers the whole A part of the Disc, which I think was intentional for the good behaviour of the needle within the grooves.


Dino Sabatini & Giorgio Gigli – Nereus [Outis Music, 2012]

Eafhm: Well, what can I say about these two great producers that hasn’t already been said… Their music is a strong value of the Italian cultural heritage; it is “old school” because of the presence that the two musicians have had in the foundation of Italian hypnotic techno, but it is not “old” or can’t be perceived as such: the duo’s music already had in its genes impressive modernity, which has meanwhile achieved classic status. I have nothing but respect and gratitude for the elegance they brought to the scene.


Vand – Kaneda [NYAME, 2018]

Eafhm: “Kaneda” is made of inspiring sounds that catch you from the first second, subtle percussions with great panning and spatiality and a warm peaceful atmosphere. The energy and character within this track are just right to launch a session; to start from this point and take the body and mind to its path for a trippy journey. This is a progressive track that becomes robust and nuanced but never builds up to a too-strong climax. “Kaneda” is for me a perfect opener to grab the listeners’ attention.


Kaspiann – Four [Vala, 2021]

Eafhm: “Four” comes with a solid percussive figure, a derailed yet fine sound. Strong basslines and ambiences immerse the listener into the hypnotic tinges that are steadily rising. Finland-based Kaspiann, owner of Vala, definitely deserve more attention, for his complex well-designed techno. This track is amazing, without being over-embellished, it is just what it is: nice and efficient for the most energetic moment of the night.



Ken Karter – DS_ENV_S.0.01 (Array Access Remix) [Escapism, 2018]

Eafhm: Ken Karter always provokes something in me when I listen to his music. Although his discography is neither completely techno nor strictly experimental, he manages to create an interesting synergy, where what matters is the quality of the sonic experience, not the musical genre. I decided to pick this track for my special mention, because it brings me into territories that I personally look for and enjoy: Array Access gave a slight dreamier and subtler touch to the original version, composed of elements that are full of melancholy, contrasted by robust percussions, which together give me one blow after another, without losing the gloomy assessment.


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