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Want to stay up to date with the most recent music, for instance for your DJing? Each Monday, we list and comment on our favourite releases of the moment. This week:


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Our “special guest” not only commented on the last item of our selection below but also took care of today’s review. This is how passionate he is.

His name is Dari Garcia AKA Notzing and he honoured us with his “double investment”.

Rookas – Blinding Flames [Crescent London, 2023-06-02]

Two years ago, Rookas contributed in Crescent London’s Podcast:


The British label (and event series) showed its quality network straight from its two first releases: two VAs with talented guests, such as The Alchemical Theory, Simone Bauer, Dycide and Rookas himself, building an instant solid reputation for the project. Then, Crescent London achieved one dope EP after another, confirming its honourable status in the British scene.

Coming from Lithuania in northern Europe, Rookas followed a classic path from DJing to producing, yet his first album was ambient, revealing an impressive musical sensitivity at the outset of his career. In the present EP, he shows high maturity with the music tools, accompanied by artists who give interesting versions of his work. A sense of freedom emanates from the release and we love it…

CTAFAD – Inertial Illusion [KitchenSync, 2023-06-01]

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How dare you use your phone on the dancefloor? 😳🙄

KitchenSync is conceptualised on live streams played in the kitchen, as a reaction against the sinful clubbers, who’d better use their phones at home, preferably in the kitchen, as the bathroom is already taken

If the concept is original and pleasantly wacky, we don’t really follow the Beatport-based imprint from Dubai, because it mainly hosts tech house “cooks”, a genre that we usually don’t connect well with. However, if it opens its doors to artists such as CTAFD, it motivates us to keep an eye on the project, because as expected, our dear talented Chinese explorer deepened the music with his emotional ambiences and well-dosed rhythms…

Pianeti Sintetici – Esplora II [Hypnus, 2023-06-04]

We love his aliens… This one reminds us of an aunty 🫣🤫


Which worlds do you enjoy watching in movies to escape from the harsh reality? Past worlds? Foreign worlds? Future worlds?

Half of the mystical duo Primal Code, Pianeti Sintetici has been bathed in the science fiction culture during most of his life, finding in it mainly a way to rest from busy work. Today, the “child living inside of him” is still enchanted by sci-fi art: he’s for instance regularly using Midjourney to design post-modern alien pictures “just for fun”. This explains the cinematic layers in the present EP, carried by creative rhythms, the trademark of his infinite talent as a well-accomplished artist.

Do you remember the first episode?

Vector Field – D​û​rthar [Self-released, 2023-05-30]

Not far from where Vector Field lives…


Vector Field, formerly known as Stigr, is what you call “an underrated dope producer”. Since his album “Modulated Circles” on Secuencias Temporales, we admire both his artistic side, at the source of well-inspired music, and his technical side, inherited from professional experiences in the studio and on TV.

If the French artist has a solid fanbase on Soundcloud, we think that his pieces deserve more light, such as “D​û​rthar”, which is for us a little hidden treasure.

Vand – Konstrukt 018 [Konstrukt, 2023-05-31]

Awww, Utrecht…


Bas Dobbelaer and Vand, Daniel[i] and Vand, Laura BCR and Vand, it was time for Vand to finally fly all alone. Like always, we exaggerate: he already made a solo EP on Alpenglühen. Four years ago. 

The Dutch artist is now based in Utrecht, a beautiful medieval town crossed by rivers, in line with his alias (Vand means “water”).

For his leap of faith, he chose a local label, Konstrukt, that we fondly call “The Dutch Hypnus”, for featuring artists such as Primal Code, Mohlao, Wa Wu We and Birds ov Paradise.

It’s not totally anecdotal, as you can sense their influence on “018”, as well as Tin Man’s, another artist of the label, who extensively designs the languid acid waves present in the third track. Yet Vand also brings his own interesting ideas of course, and being compared to Hypnus’ dream team is a compliment from our mouths.

Lemna – Nodes [KHIDI Digital, 2023-05-31]


Her 2017 Horo Vision Podcast has been for us an epiphany, the sensation to witness the future.

After some dope releases on Horo, in line with what Sam KDC was also doing on the label, she moved to Delsin Records and its mythic Mantis series, designing “techno tracks with DnB flavours”, a genre defined as “Grey Area” by Presha and ASC.

Then, after a memorable podcast for the emblematic Georgian club KHIDI, she signs the first release of KHIDI’s new digital-only sub-label. She also dropped an insane Page for The Memoir recently, getting closer and closer to our shores, for our greatest pleasure.


Based in Madrid, our guest today is clearly a son of Pole Group’s Spanish School, with its reinterpretation of minimalism based on complex linear textures. Generous, he has however succeeded in bringing his own signature by adding an emotional twist, usually a charismatic sound on top, enough intense to grab the listeners’ guts and give character to his music. In 2017, he created Knotzept mainly to release his own creations, and with quality works on Circular Limited and Edit Select, he’s one of our favourite artists. Some months ago, he produced an incredible Page for The Memoir not to be missed, as well as his well-inspired participation in today’s selection.


Fernie – Exoplanet [KVLTÖ Records, 2023-05-31]

Notzing: “Exoplanet” is an invitation to take off, leave Earth’s atmosphere and orbit near the “Tannhäuser Gate” while listening to the opener’s crystal-clear sound. It is a warm journey to “Upsilon”, a star in the Andromeda constellation, before getting lost in the radiation of “Ursa Major” and in the chemical lakes of “Inner Flux.” The deepness of the cosmos is all that remains around the star “Canis Majoris”.

Fernie achieved a work of supreme maturity, with classic elements of hypnotic techno, but with enough personality and a unique sound design that sets it apart from the clichés and standards of the genre.

Owner of Space Textures, he’s definitely somewhere in the cosmos and in “Exoplanet”, he delivers a canvas where the sound paints evocative atmospheric landscapes, with a halo of mystery and danger. The result is inspiring, giving me ideas to explore in my own productions, which is unusual.

We must keep a close eye on Fernie and his sound laboratory.

* Page’s cover picture: Oye Kreuzkoelln in Berlin, a record shop from a member of our community.

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