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Want to stay up to date with the most recent music, for instance for your DJing? Each Monday, we list and comment on our favourite releases of the moment. This week:

Adhémar – Notte Stellata [Different Exhibition, 2023-04-08]

“De sterrennacht” (Vincent van Gogh, 1889)


Different Exhibition is a label that we follow closely for its quality music based on a simple yet smart concept: inviting the artists to get inspired by a famous painting or sculpture in their creative process. Indeed, the beautiful artwork illustrating the present release is not another of these incredible AI-generated covers (let us not be too ignorant 🫣), but “The Starry Night” by Van Gogh.

Now, who – really, who? – better than Adhémar can fulfil such a challenge? The French artist, atop his career as a talented “sonic contemplatist”, “atmospheric painter” and designer for Oslated, is tailored for the role and, for us, totally nailed the given storytelling. As if it wasn’t enough, the nocturnal EP also comes with a subtle remix by Hypnus‘ spearhead Primal Code, and here we are, on a trip under the beautiful night sky and its shining stars!

If you would like more of Adhémar, he also released a new downtempo single on Initiate a few days ago, half dark, half light…

012 – Systema Naturae III [012, 2023-04-21]

In the 1735 book “Systema Naturae“, there is a chapter on the birds, for the flying lovers among you…


It is certain that today, Claudio PRC is the biggest ambassador of our sound worldwide, thanks to the high percentage of golden gems that his discography contains, the infinite number of impeccable DJ sets that he performs all over the globe and his pure passion which, “according to Daft Punk”, makes him work “harder, better, faster, stronger”. 

Yet he keeps the underground spirit by sharing some light with less-known talented artists on his label 012, perpetuating what he started during his TGP years. The third instalment of the “Systema Naturae” series comes with superbly-designed ambiences carried by subtle percussions, slightly tribal, matching the label’s sound and friendly spirit…

Fernie – Spatial Awareness [Informa Records, 2023-04-06]


Fernie, Deepbass, Repart, Edit Select, it’s all the same gang, namely the “unofficial, unrecognised and unadmitted Scottish School”, with its tunnelling atmospheric techno. The three first lads in particular work more and more together on stage, through the young event series Orbits Glasgow for instance, or backstage in the studio, through Deepbass’ label Informa or Fernie’s Space Textures. Such a context explains the very “Deepbassian” sound of “Spatial Awareness”, yet Fernie delivers it with an unprecedented mastery…

Melifera Records – Whispers of the Valley Part​​​. ​2 [Melifera Records, 2023-04-15]


What more could we say about Melifera and its label, festival and media, that we didn’t already say, release after release? Maybe sharing its new interesting article dedicated to the creation of atmospheres, with words from Tozzi, Feral, Polygonia, Adhémar, Aes Dana and many more? Or commenting further on the present VA, part of a trilogy, following the Bees’ language, made of zig-zags, runs, circles and waggle dance? Through the hypnotic buzz, we suggest you simply hit play, to enjoy the nectar and feel the astronomy of pollen…

Yushh – Siro Silo EP [Well Street Records, 2023-04-14]

As a DJ, she’s also part of Livity Sound‘s fam’…


It’s fresh, it’s dubby, it’s broken, it’s Well Street Records of course, with its playful rhythms, impactful sub-basses and experimental twists. It’s also the sound of Yushh from Bristol, the land of Livity Sound, Punch Drunk and Skull Disco. Daughter of a jazzman, she obviously inherited his dedication to music and instincts for improvisation and experimentation. He connected with the piano, she explored the electronic percussions, fat, syncopated, following UK’s zeitgeist in breakbeat, electro and bass music.

She started her musical career as a DJ half a decade ago, got residencies in radio stations and in 2019, she launched her label Pressure Dome. She started producing a few years ago, following the classic path “VAs – single – EPs”, “Siro Silo” being the second EP after the remarked “Look Mum No Hands” on Wisdom Teeth. All that remains for her now is to work on a first album (just sayin’ 😊).

w_iro – Ebb and Flow [Psylocybina, 2023-04-11]

The release has been created in Poland, in a village called Michalowice… and Ariet’s first name is Michał… and there is another Polish artist called Michał Wolski… Anyway.



From the title and the way it is conceptualised, the EP comes with interesting dualities: a symbol of energy, coming and going, rising and dropping, cyclic yet also subjected to chaos, and a symbol of nature, omnipresent. “Ebb and Flow” is an invitation to embrace all that the cosmos has to offer, positive or negative, instead of suffering from swimming against the stream (from what we understood). The message is inspiring and hitting play achieve to see the symmetry, through two tracks and two remixes, deep, evasive and, shall we dare to say, healing?

Behind Psylocybina‘s project are w_iro himself and our dear Ariet: they are both members of our community, DJs and producers, with a few releases in their catalogue. Lately, Ariet, well-remarked in our group for his smart and wise participation, launched a dope Youtube channel to share production tips, highly recommended to visit.

Pattrn – Pulsing Light in a Frozen Solitude [Fur:ther Sessions, 2023-04-24]


Pattrn from Belgium, label co-owner of Initiate, is originally a DJ who, one day, gave up on almost everything to focus on production. We admit that we didn’t take him very seriously, when listening to his first pieces, but then his progression rose extremely fast and made him become today one of the freshest artists of our scene. It’s with excitement that we hit play, wondering which new dope gems his creative mind designed. Deep and electrifying, the tracks slightly remind the productions of Blazej Malinowski, precisely in charge of a remix, along with Rambadu, another very talented artist. Thank you Fur:ther Sessions!

Mown – Kangchenjunga [Self-released, 2023-04-05]


📢 “Dear techno consumers, may you stop giving importance to producers such as Steve Aoki and Tiesto, known to use ghost producers? Instead, what about “eating real, eating better, eating locally” to develop your regional handicraft? Take Mown for instance, it is impossible that such a talented artist remains in the shadow, with more than a decade in production, having designed fabulous releases on Norite or Circular Limited, not to forget also his page on The Memoir! So go down to your street, yell his name, put up posters, share flyers, gather the masses, educate your children!!” 🙂

Magna Pia – QUT [Counterchange, 2023-03-31]

Meanwhile, in the Mongolian steppes…


Now that we have hopefully succeeded to boil your blood in the previous comment, you’re ready to face the climax of our article: a massive production by Magna Pia, part of the former duo Cassegrain. Do not confuse “QUT” with the famous Queensland University of Technology, it’s an ancient word meaning “blessing” or “vitalizing force”, rooted in Tengrism, an ethnic Turko-Mongolic religion from the steppes. 

The album is the obvious result of long work and shall be listened to in full to sense at best its numerous virtues, from its insanely high trippy melodies to its subtle enchanting grooves, at a crossroad between minimalism and impressionism. More than reinforcing your QI (vital energy), Magna Pia shows release after release his interest in the orchestral side of music and we hope to have at one point exactly that: a whole acoustic/electronic music orchestra, hop hop 😊

If you enjoyed this album, we recommend also Seiichiro Itoyama’s last release on the German label, out some days ago.


If Colombia spoils us with the magnificent music from artists such as Zemög, !nertia, Darkduction and Launaea, our guest today is the main figure who exported the local sunny hypnotic techno to our headphones. Talented DJ, she became for us particularly impressive in the production world when she released “Epona” on Affin, showing high potential to design beautiful and memorable atmospheres. On her label Northallsen, launched in 2016, we highly recommend “The Path Of Nomads“, one of 2021’s most epic EPs, as well as its sequel “Raices“. Today, she honours us with her warm presence and trained hearing, to comment on a fabulous release.


Inskape – Indeciphered EP [Ritualism Records, 2023-04-22]

Do you remember also this release by Inskape?


Aleja Sanchez: Thank you so much for inviting me.

In my personal experience and connection with electronic music, I consider it very difficult nowadays to find music with identity. “Indeciphered” caught my attention for this reason. There is a solid concept here, an interesting fusion of elements talking to each other, creating a fluid dynamic.

Since last year, I have been interested in drums and percussive sounds, which I find particularly well-balanced in this production. “Indeciphered II” is definitely my favourite track, with well-mixed drums and an evolving mysterious chain of atmospheres, adding tension and beauty to the journey. I am looking forward to listening to more from Inskape.

* Page’s cover picture: Oye Kreuzkoelln in Berlin, a record shop from a member of our community.

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