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For the very first time, our “special guest”, who commented on the last item of our selection below, also took care of today’s review, on a beautiful release. This is how passionate he is. His name is Brice Deloose AKA Pattrn and he honoured us with his “double investment”.

BLNDFLD – Distant Light [Self-released, 2023-03-07]


After “Vurt” and “Vurt“, here is “Vurt”, to open the EP… Three different authors, yet not the same meaning. Unlike Spieth and Malinowski, BLNDFLD didn’t set a homage to “vurt.” in Seoul, but rather to Bassiani in his hometown, using Jeff Noon’s 1993 cyberpunk novel “Vurt” and the title “Distant Light” to express how the club impacts the Georgian society in a luminous way. The warm-up mood is set…

Assimilated – The Factors [Ordinamento Selettivo, 2023-03-03]


It’s been a few years now since the Middle East started to emerge in the atmospheric techno scene, with tracks that however share different codes than Italy, the label’s country. The oriental structures are usually richer (as opposed to minimal), with some housey roots. Assimilated, from Israël, is not exempt. The contrast between his dense tracks and Zemög’s minimalism is particularly striking. The amplitude is yet well-designed, and if there are some housey hi-hats, there is at least no clap 🥹

Soseol – Vague [Artscope, 2023-03-02]


Let’s take now the lift down to Seoul’s lowest underground floor, so deep that “it scratches Evil’s horns”. This is Soseol’s territory, not a floor that we often visit, because, well, we are “well-balanced individuals” (at least “pretend to be”); we’re usually not aficionados of “too-dark” tracks (or “too-luminous” ones), but Soseol has been in the dark game for more than a decade, so he knows how to keep it interesting, despite the perpetual obscurity.

The remixers accompanied him brilliantly to extend the visit (at your own risk though).

Melifera Records – Women Everyday Vol. 2 [Melifera Records, 2023-03-08]


After the plunge into darkness, we bring you back to the light helped by angelic motives. Melifera is a beautiful project, grouping a top-class record label, a creative magazine, a colourful podcast, and also behind great events including La Vallée Electrique Festival. With its young and positive aura, it is no surprise to see it involved in such a chevaleresque cause, and it is a very sincere project, the VA being also a charity release. It follows a 2022 first volume and it is one more time synonymous with “talent”.

Sure Thing – My Own Mirror To Stay [Sure Thing, 2023-03-06]


Label owner Aaron J is a personification of elegance, as sensed in his label’s music, sophisticated with an interesting touch of modernism. Sure Thing‘s discography is not big, but each project magically succeeds to take the best out of its artists, thinking for instance of “Bloom” by Polygonia or “Arcadia” by Bauer, which are, for us, their best works so far. The present VA, mainly made by UK artists, proposes an interesting fusion between hypnotech and UK garage, and seeing our dear “ENA” popping up made us smile…

Sam Goku – Things We See When We Look Closer [Permanent Vacation, 2023-02-17]


An old Hindu legend tells that there was a time when all men were gods, but they abused it so much that Brahma, the master of the gods, decided to take away their divine power and hide it in a place impossible to find. Where would it be? Buried under the ground? Laid down on the sea bed? Men are great explorers and could one day find it, so Brahma said: “Let’s hide the man’s divinity deep within himself, for that is the only place he will never think of looking for.” 

Since that time, man has circled Earth, explored, climbed, dived and dug in search of something within him… 

If meditation and art eventually have the potential to unveil it, Sam Goku’s enchanting masterpieces at least give a valuable hint of these “Things We See When We Look Closer”…


DJ, musician, label and podcast co-owner, organiser of club & festival venues, sound engineer, artistic director, collective co-founder, networker… The question is not “which segment of the musical chain does our guest manage?” but “which one doesn’t he?”. As a producer, he caught our attention for the first time with “Bridges“, highly artistic and modern. As a label co-owner, he’s behind Initiate, which is a concept of events, two podcasts (Voodoo Initiation & Reflexions) and a record label. On a personal level, our dear Belgian fellah is well-known in our community for his epic participation in our threads, smart, genuine and passionate.


Rambadu – Indraj​ā​la [Hypnus, 2023-03-07]

Pattrn: Each track is for me a masterpiece that shall be commented on separately, one by one:

Pattrn: “Indra” is a deep slow-tempo track with very wide space and lovely delicate percussions contrasting a half-beat kick drum. I love the way the drums are kind of “walking” in between the main beats. As the typical signature from Rambadu, the track is very progressive without any abrupt articulation, like a quiet lake seeing the sun rise and fall.

Pattrn: In “Jāla”, you can sense Rambadu’s love and finesse to craft his music. The tiny sounds, crispy textures, delicate hi-hats say a lot about his high attention to detail.


Pattrn: Run by the passionate, hyperactive and amazing Ntogn, Hypnus is a model of label management for me. I met him personally some years ago, when I booked him for an Initiate event. I’ve been immediately struck by his dedication, passion and very humble personality.

The release itself is also very special for me, because Rambadu as a person is no stranger to me. We are going to collaborate soon on my upcoming EP for Fur:ther Sessions, which gave me the opportunity to discover the kind, humble and very open person he is.

The release is very textured, detailed, “human” and sensitive. This is for me “electronic music at its finest”.

The Sanskrit word “Indrajāla” has various meanings (“magic”, “illusion”, “sorcery”), including “the magical union between microcosm and macrocosm”.

* Page’s cover picture: Oye Kreuzkoelln in Berlin, a record shop from a member of our community.

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