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Want to stay up to date with the most recent music, for instance for your DJing? Each Monday, we list and comment on our favourite releases of the moment. This week:

Joachim Spieth – Texture 40​.​1 (Claudio PRC Variations) [Affin, 2023-02-09]

First, you are invited to listen to Spieth’s original sample…

… before discovering what Claudio PRC created out of it:


To face the declining sales of music, more and more artists who only live from their art are diversifying themselves to survive, by launching masterclasses, creating sample packs and/or offering their services to enterprises. Thus, Spieth released three sound libraries during the pandemic crisis: “Textures 1, 2 and 3“. If he invites the producers to use the sounds freely “as a starting point” for their own creations, you don’t necessarily expect a calibre such as Claudio PRC to play such a game. He came with two versions built around the sample “40.1”: a first one, modern and all in restraint, and a second one, epic, maybe more in the vein of what was done last decade. In both versions, the result is beautiful, enchanting, and of course very interesting, production-wise.

Maurizio Cascella – Disegno Remix Vol. 2 [Concrete Records, 2023-02-03]

Maurizio Cascella was also part of the Elettronica Romana gang…

Defunct Re-mix Shop in Rome, owner of Elettronica Romana


Based in Rome, Concrete Records showed modernity straight from its first record in 2010, approaching the Tsunami wave of German minimal techno under a more experimental angle, closer to “high-tech minimal” than what Boris Brejcha was defining for himself. Atmospheres and textures emerged then around 2013, and in the following years, emblematic artists joined, including PRG/M, Toki Fuko, Laertes, Sabatini, PAR and Voices From The Lake

The label’s musical openness and fusions partly explain the eclecticism in the present EP, part of a trilogy of remixes, set to be out before the upcoming eponymous album.

Reuniting label owners Cascella and Phooka with Mörker and Gigli – who is particularly impressive – the EP has the codes of hypnotic atmospheric techno, with a slight legacy of minimal techno in the snares of the last track.

Mod​.​1 – Into The Circle [Linderluft Records, 2023-02-10]


Mod.1 has only in common with Mod21 the love for the machines (and yes, the moniker, a little bit). While recording his live acts since 2017, Mod.1 waited until 2020 to start releasing his material. At first listening to it, we can sense the influence of Blazej Malinowski, who he collaborated with on Postdynamic. However, his work on Virescence Records also shows his attraction to deeper territories. “Into The Circle”, on John Plaza’s label, brings both worlds, with the use of “self-propelled” basslines, efficient to visit outer space…

Nils Edte x Adhémar – Organica Reshape [Indefinite Pitch, 2023-02-08]


Adhémar is a painter both visually and musically, using brushes or stems to create contemplative pieces. “When I paint, I listen to certain types of music according to where I am at with the progression of the painting”. This quote from him offers scope into his artistic approach; how dedicated and meticulous he is and how deeply he needs to immerse himself during the creative process. If Nils Edte gave a Feral touch to his beautiful original version, Adhémar brought it to “Adhémar’s world”, calm, pensive and fascinating.

Laima Adelaide – Forest Depth [Secuencias Temporales, 2023-02-06]


If you can find a place where your phone doesn’t vibrate, but rather the trees, the breeze, water and life, wonderful things will happen to you. The tropical forest in particular is the land of the elephants, tigers and panthers, but if you spend a day and a night inside, it’s the orchestra of insects that will have the biggest impact on you. Insects have an incredible sense of timing: when a group pauses, another one starts. Nobody knows what they are saying, but when listening carefully, closely, calmly, a pattern is noticeable, an organisation, which is far bigger, more complex and more intense than any human symphony.

Accompanied by Vera Logdanidi and Atomic Moog, Laima Adelaide tells the forestal stories through her deep microcosmic music, in a journey back to our roots. Sensitivity and tolerance are taught in the “depth of the forest”, where there are no social classes, no boundaries, no races, no genders, no illusions: only you, life and death…

Rrose – Tulip Space [Eaux, 2023-02-10]

Meanwhile in space, the Tulip Nebula…


“Focus on progress, not on perfection” (Bill Phillips).

It is said that “Mister Perfection”, who is more or less awake inside each of us, is exigent mainly to fulfilling a need for control, organisation, and to increasing a certain sense of security. To an extent, “Mister Perfection”, at the climax of his ambitions, tries at one point “to control everything”, while “life”, from its chaotic variables, is by definition uncontrollable. How frustrated “Mister Perfection” must be!

Happily, he has an amazing refuge: Rrose’s music of course! While walking on the alienating thin line between dark and light ravines that only the disruptive artist is capable to draw, “Mister Perfection” learns to fall safely on one side or another, get lost and get rid of his obsessions, devoured by the space tulip…

Arkain – Cogitate [Kalmary Records, 2023-01-13]


Before letting our special guest conclude the selection, we end our tour with a little sonic poem that we’ve found for you, composed by a talented newcomer. We don’t know much about him, except that he’s from Canada and started producing during the pandemic crisis [If you read this, Arkain, please join our community].


If Spieth let Claudio PRC build a whole world around one of his samples, a similar process has been at work for the creation of “Cirrus“, one of the most beautiful melancholic techno tracks ever. Behind it is an artist who has largely contributed to shaping Affin‘s sound, atop his unquestionable virtuosity and expertise on the machines. Well-respected among his peers, from Spieth to Deepbass, who he collaborates with on the exciting project CHPTR, our guest today is also a particularly kind person, genuine and honest. Coming soon and very awaited: a new CHPTR album, a new RVO album and a collab with !nertia, who released the beautiful “Trascender” on Telemorph…


Blòt Heathen – Techno​-​Shaman [Self-released, 2023-01-27]


RVO: First of all, I’d like to thank you for inviting me. When “Techno-Shaman” came to my attention, I felt that it would be a very interesting release to comment on.

What an absolutely stunning body of work! The incredible cinematic experience that it conveys has kept me engaged from the first to the last second of listening. The amazing combination of electronic and organic elements created an instant vivid “visual” spectacle in my brain. I love the way it makes me perceive the images almost in slow motion, which grabs you and doesn’t let you go.

It is for me a well-crafted modern presentation of the old rituals, filled with the right amount of violence and beauty.

* Page’s cover picture: Oye Kreuzkoelln in Berlin, a record shop from a member of our community.

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