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Garber – Oniric States [Secuencias Temporales, 2023-01-16]

SubRadio has an incredible streaming platform, hosting gifted artists such as  F-on, The Alchemical Theory, !nertia, Cobahn, ABSIS and Claudio PRC:


Awww Secuencias Temporales, your beautiful textures, your intriguing sonic silhouettes… Out of your profound vibrancies and stories, your music is so charming, and it works! Since day one, we are “in love”, and so it’s time for us to muster the courage to ask… “Secuencias Temporales, will you marry us?”

Of course, we’re into a polygamous tradition here, due to the high number of talented artists hosted by you. Yet it brings more memories! Take Garber for instance: we first met his music somewhere on 50th avenue, then had a crush on it in the present trip, deep and bewitching. Like SAAM, Garber is a fine observer of our scene, with a privileged view of it when he joined SubRadio‘s crew: so he understands us! Very social, he’s also a musician, and we all know the cliche of the sexy Spanish guitar player… Therefore, all the ingredients are reunited for him to create confident tracks, and for us to have a long-lasting musical relationship! (Say yes.)

Saphileaum – Wellness Resort [Self-released, 2023-01-16]


His name is on everyone’s lips these days, from our chats with some labels and artists. It’s not surprising: his work has been solid straight from the beginning in 2016 on Connection Verified. In 2018, he released “Uninhibited Kingdom” on Oslated, which impressed everyone, and he didn’t stop crafting his art since then. “Wellness Resort” is a particularly well-chosen title: warm welcome to his Georgian auditive spa, relaxing and heavenly…

Noah Lyas – Elsewhere [Indefinite Pitch, 2023-01-18]


Fun fact: if people usually share music or questions in our community, one of them made last month a post just to say that he loves Noah Lyas. That’s it… Looks like a nice hype is growing around the Dutch artist, and when hitting play, you grasp the reason. Dreamy, timeless, flawless with amazing mastering, Lyas’ EP is the result of his long creative experience behind the decks in the dub techno genre, allowing him to bring it to the future, thanks to well-inspired deep ambiences. Adhémar perfectly followed the mood with his beautiful remix.

Giacomo Pellegrino – The Grey Man EP [MixCult Records, 2023-01-13]


We see more and more artworks generated by AI, and this one efficiently grabbed our intention while flying over a Bandcamp category that we don’t really follow. Then, the tracks’ comfy amplitude finished gulping our soul: we are now like Geppetto (Giacomo?) inside Monstro The Whale, not willing to leave the deep ocean. Sure, we will have to go out at one point, but let’s wait for Skynet to destroy the world first…

NODE Recordings – Hidden Shadows [NODE Recordings, 2023-01-18]


Now grab your shoes and move to NODE’s dancefloor, where you may expect electrifying Spanish textures. Wait a sec, it seems deeper than usual, should you return back home? … Wait a sec, the energy is in fact still pretty high, what to do? Let us propose a typical Swiss compromise: let’s just dance and connect all together on the sidewalk, halfway between home and the club (for more tips, contact [email protected]).

Paleman – Veiled [Sublunar, 2023-01-16]

An example of his cinematic work as “Fresnel Lens”:

The iconic movie monster “The Pale Man”.


Announced one month ago and teased with “Bite”, impactful and charismatic, the album has been particularly awaited. From his closing quote in Monument, label co-owner Sciahri was obviously boiling too. It’s understandable: with “Veiled”, Paleman takes an important leap in his techno evolution. If you listen to his discography, launched more than a decade ago, it went from an extroverted UK Garage sound to well-affirmed dubstep and Blawan-alike industrial techno. In “Veiled”, his musical neuroses are still intact yet the rendering is a lot deeper.

Paleman is an “open book” in his interviews, as well as in his music, that in fact hardly “veils” his obsessions. They are expressed in various ways artistically: through his tattoos and moniker, linked to a creature from the 2006 drama film Pan’s Labyrinth, through his impressive collection of gear and extreme passion for guitar and drums – he has a background as a jazz drummer – and through the meticulous study of legendary artists. His creative process consisted to emulate their music before realising that “his approximative replications” were creating interesting new sounds…

In “Veiled”, his obsessions can be felt through the hypnotic repetition, the dark textures and drones (that he also develops separately in his project “Fresnel Lens”), through the psychedelic laments of “Processions” and through the overall deep roaring vibe.

If “hypnotic techno is a language”, as stated by Dozzy, it is for sure at least a great outlet for Paleman’s inner screams.


Unlike other media, we’ve always considered that the Elettronica Romana peers have been representing the very first wave of Italian hypnotic techno; not Leo Anibaldi, not Lory D, who have been eventually inspiring, a bit like James Brown with the rappers, but who were more into breakbeat and tech house. For us, “Metal Slave” launched the Italian saga. In the 2004 track, Dozzy took care of the bassline while Lupi of all the rest, with his Virus B and Electribe ER1. Two decades after, we are particularly honoured, and touched, that the latter accepted our invitation: he’s for us a legend, a talented multi-instrumentalist and a very kind soul.


Sindh – Gupta Tribes [Sindh, 2023-01-17]


Brando Lupi: “Gupta Tribes” is an amazing work by Sindh, who I also appreciate in his other project 9beats.

Inspired by an old Indian civilization, the album is heartily evocative and organic. The special attention paid to the percussions brings a sort of “live” sound, a beautiful crossover between dynamic, natural patterns and synthesized drums, perfectly blended together. The intricate rhythms are virtuously mixed with the subliminal harmonies and textures, with the evolving pads behind the complex grooves, creating an overall magical musical chemistry.

The use of the modular synth brings a warm and enveloping atmosphere, like in “Spyres” that I really like. The synthesis work is beautiful and accurate, flowing until the closing track.

It has been a great pleasure to get lost in this deep trippy journey, mystical and emotionally uplifting.

* Page’s cover picture: Oye Kreuzkoelln in Berlin, a record shop from a member of our community.

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