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Want to stay up to date with the most recent music, for instance for your DJing? Each Monday, we list and comment on our favourite releases of the moment. This week:

Huinali Recordings – Mirinae 미​리​내 [Huinali Recordings, 2022-12-30]


If our dear Milky Way is about to collide with Andromeda Galaxy in 4,5 billion years, we still have some time left to chill with Huinali Recordings‘ last release. Slow and contemplative, “Mirinae” [yes, “Milky Way” in English] announces straight from the opener its spiritual soul, enriched by Absluta’s beautiful and mesmerising chants. Her vocals somehow remind “The Body“, by Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow, in its genuine angelic side which instantly catches hearts. Then, the VA is a succession of pleasures, full of wonder, through the 17 tracks that follow, making the overall project pretty phenomenal.

Linderluft Records – AIR I [Linderluft Records, 2022-12-31]


Chile’s culture values street art, such as in the city of Valparaiso, called the “little San Francisco”, with its colourful architecture and bohemian vibe diffused by numerous festivals and street artists. The Latin country is also the cradle of intriguing ancestral legacies, thinking of Easter Island and its nearly 1000 Moais, monumental and mysterious. Chile is also the territory of spectacular landscapes, with Patagonia’s snowy mountains and volcanos, overlooking breathtaking plains, lakes and glaciers. Mix all these ingredients together and you’ll get a feel of Chile’s “AIR”, well-depicted in the present atmospheric VA on John Plaza’s young label

If you would like to extend your pleasure in Chile, we also recommend “SEQUENCE II” on Dosis Record, released a few days before and featuring also talented artists.

Basis Change – Impetus [Circular Limited, 2022-12-21]


When you listen to a confident yet talented singer, it brings a shade of romanticism: a sensation of deep security which says “you can melt in my music, it’s safe here.” This phenomenon sometimes also occurs through techno productions.

With dope releases on TGP, Affin, Edit Select, it is certain that “his name tells you something”: Basis Change from The UK is perfectly tailored for these labels and is back on Circular Limited, for a second EP which rises the temperature: it’s hot ‘n’ sexy here, and the only thing left to do is to bring the whip, yesss mama!

Pianeti Sintetici – Esplora I [Hypnus Records, 2023-01-07]

Do you remember?


We switch now to more experimental discoveries with Pianeti Sintetici, half of Primal Code, who enjoys destroying the rhythmic boundaries. Label owner Michel relates the definition of underground techno to its more difficult accessibility. It is then certain that “Esplora I” is “underground”, challenging the mind yet very interesting.

Damián Conde Figueiral, a member of our community, had well-inspired words about it, that he allowed us to quote: “Multiple minimal layers, textures and events mutate with a very organic and natural character: this ability to create new unexplored, enigmatic, psychedelic territories and spaces through the sound is incredible.”

Floating Machine – Rituals [Secuencias Temporales, 2022-12-26]

Awww Portugal (Lisbon) 🤤🇵🇹


Meanwhile, on our all-time favourite label, the music continues to be deep and enchanting, maybe deeper than usual for Floating Machine. The Portuguese artist launched his career a decade ago with a very coloured jazzy tech house and electronica. He has been then diffusing his sunny culture through more and more cinematic pieces over the years, before reaching out to our labels in 2022, with beautiful works on Aarden Records and Circular Limited. From his fabulous music on his Bandcamp page to his jazzy background and to the fact that he’s a multi-instrumentalist, you can tell that he’s a “well-armed” producer. The track “Aurora” from “Rituals”, for instance, gave us the chills we felt when discovering “Kracken” by Tozzi or “Sinuosity” by RVO: absolutely mind-blowing.

Laima Adelaide – Obsidian [Predawn Records, 2022-12-31]

Laima Adelaide is also a very talented DJ:


Everything Laima Adelaide does seems “introverted”, from her posts “without description” on social media to her music, all in restraint. That’s however too quickly said: projects are not born from the ease to reach out to people, but from “a desire”, which gives a direction, and from “an act”, which fulfils the dream. The mind is then not just a bundle of loud thoughts, emotions, ideas, prejudices, opinions: it is part of the complexity of life, which can express itself in infinite ways. Laima Adelaide’s musical expression lies in the details, in the deepness. It requires some sensitivity to be perceived, or at least that you bring your ear closer…

Halos – The Hyplusionist [Annulled Music, 2023-01-06]


Behind Annulled Music and Circular Limited is the same character: Qeel, from Spain (although to be fairer: he has co-founded the first one with an unknown/secret person). Together, the two labels group nearly 200 releases of high-quality sounds, with many of them landing regularly in our weekly selection. We are so impressed by what this man provides to our scene and we are happy to take the opportunity of his remix on the present EP to express our admiration and gratitude. “The Hyplusionist”, beautiful and well-designed, has been produced by Halos, who you certainly know from his stunning work on संस्कार Rites and Cellar Door.


It’s always a pleasure to talk about music with him: he shows immense yet humble respect towards the artists that he appreciates, his open-mindedness and natural kindness are contagious, “magnetic” shall we say, and as a “Shaolin Hypno Fu Master”, he systematically enriches our musical knowledge. If you are a young producer, we highly recommend his online lessons: you’d be coached by the author of “Shaman’s Paths“, simply the most ground-breaking deep techno album of all-time (period).


Yuka – Mahakali [KVLTÖ Records, 2022-12-31]


Dino Sabatini: I’ve known her for many years now and honestly I’ve always thought she’s one of the best DJs I’ve ever met. Her musical taste has always fascinated me. I really like the present production she made on Kvltö Rec, especially the first track “Mahakali”. 

Along with “Carina” on Edit Select Rec, I have two tracks from her that I’m almost certain to play often in my sets.

* Page’s cover picture: Oye Kreuzkoelln in Berlin, a record shop from a member of our community.

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