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Want to stay up to date with the most recent music, for instance for your DJing? Each Monday, we list and comment on our favourite releases of the moment. This week:

Nils Edte – Organica [Indefinite Pitch, 2022-12-18]


“The wintry full moon rose beyond the misty sky, shining its pale light on a new relic by Nils Edte”… Wait, no, ain’t no full moon and this is not Hypnus. However, “any resemblance to existing persons (such as Feral in “Ultraviolet Radiation” or “Woodland” and Primal Code in “Caimano Tribe“) and companies (such as Hypnus Records) is NOT coincidental”: Edte already showed such inspirations in a past EP. “Organica” is regardless for us a very “honourable hommage” could we say, beautiful, with impeccable production.

Inskape – Voyage [Cellar Door, 2022-12-15]

“Polaris” is inspired by interstellar travels (image by Barthel):


Talking about Hypnus, its creative owner Michel is also behind a major cosmonaut school, with some students having then signed for prominent labels such as Circular Limited, Edit Select, TGP and the school’s own imprint Aedi Records. Inskape from India is one of the students, but yet didn’t join Michel’s project as a newbie, having already produced an epic album on Diffuse Reality.

The well-inspired artist also stands out in the Indian scene, which is for us currently diffusing a too-bulky techno sound, too far from minimalism. His “voyage” brings subtler soundscapes and rhythms, peppered with tasty remixes.

Tip: play the tracks in full or you’ll miss their meaning…

Svarog – The Last Hour [Psylocybina, 2022-12-13]

Svarog made a video to illustrate “Esoteric”, available on his Youtube channel which also contains mind-blowing DJ mixes…


Animals work on their daily problems with simplicity, except humans, who turn simplicity into daily problems… This is linked with our “super-intelligence”: it lacks a “user manual”, which makes us awkward and brings constant suffering. When we are poor, we suffer from poverty. When we are rich, we suffer from taxes… We may suffer from ignorance, but also in our studies. We may suffer from being single, and regarding marriage….…………

Life is however neither “pain” nor “joy”, life is simply “here and now”. It’s with the track “Independence” that Svarog ends his trilogy dedicated to suffering, with the first and second works released last year on Edit Select. “The last Hour” is more luminous: deliverance has maybe been found, “hopefully” thanks to the music, or “hopelessly” because of the psilocybin…

Van Morph – Behind The Mirror EP [Khoros Records, 2022-12-16]


So what is behind your own mirror, dear Van Morph? A more confident person, who has succeeded to let go of the past, boosted by the growing well-deserved love around your various projects? A “kind punk”, who has replaced “no future” with “promising future”? Or do you simply reflect your artistic soulmate, Alexskyspirit, who co-manages Khoros with you (and barely retouched your third track)? 

No need to answer, your deep music did.

Sun Genam & Altjira – LA1000 [Diffuse Reality Records, 2022-12-13]

A dope mix by Sun Genam:

A dope mix by Altjira:


If you watch the making of Peter Jackson’s “Lord Of The Rings” film series, you’ll realise how huge the enterprise behind was, divided into numerous big departments. Diffuse Reality‘s owner, Rodrigo Garcia, whom you maybe also know under his alias Squaric, is like the “Peter Jackson of the Spanish rave”: the label’s Bandcamp page currently contains 685 releases; mostly multi-vitamin trippy techno, along with the synth-wave tracks from the sub-label Periphylla. Diffuse Reality is also an event series and a prolific podcast. As if it wasn’t enough, Garcia also runs the very conceptualised Teorema Festival, which groups together experimental live acts, conferences, workshops, art exhibitions and much more.

The Dutch artists Sun Genam and Altjira, not well-established yet, have been plunged into this huge machine with their EP, and can be very proud: the deepness of Althira perfectly merges with the dynamism of Sun Genam to provide a very personalised psychedelic DnB work. 

Erd – Den Remixed [Initiate Records, 2022-12-16]

Meanwhile, Erd and label co-owner Hesh are behind the decks in Kiosk Radio for an incredible mix:


It’s for us a “pleasant pleasure” to witness a young label that understood straight from the beginning its creative role, by providing quality music to the scene that is not another mimicry of what other labels do, by building a fresh and modern sound signature that honours one more time Belgium’s electronic music culture. “Den” by Erd reached our shores like a tsunami, and the present remixed version extends the delight further. In charge of the first track: Owl, one of our favourite artists, with releases on labels that we follow closely such as Silent Season, Huinali Recordings and Onset Audio. Then we have Leese and Mick Woods, less established yet talented: the first one surprised us in the past with a trippy remix of Massive Attack, while the second one is accustomed to cool UK bass mixes. Deep and virtuous, the remixes get us emotional with a well-controlled intensity, beautiful moody colours and well-designed polyrhythmic structures.

Melifera Records – Rivers [Melifera Records, 2022-12-19]


Located in the South of the French Alps, Melifera is an organisation that we particularly cherish. Interesting magazine, label close to nature with beautiful music, experienced event planner, colourful podcast inviting our greatest artists, we have only superlatives for this project, managed by a youth that we enjoy seeing.

It is also behind La Vallée Electrique Festival, with the next edition in June 2023, featuring a sick line-up already announced.

Let the bee accompany you in this peaceful contemplative VA, composed by amazing artists.


It’s a new tradition that we started last week: we invite a member of our community to comment on the release that he/she wants. Our coming guest breathes hypnotic techno all day long in every possible sector of the scene: we call him “The Connector”, for being a historical bridge between the two first Italian waves of hypnotic techno artists, for creating communities worldwide thanks to his frequent DJ tours and inspiring productions, for running or collaborating with an infinite amount of important projects: the very talented Claudio PRC!


Mundos Sutis – Quintessence [Seven Villas Music, 2022-02-02, recently on vinyl]


Claudio PRC: After a first digital version in February 2022, the Mexican duo Mundos Sutis’ debut LP finally got its well-deserved vinyl pressing some days ago. Released on the Spanish imprint Seven Villas Music, the record is an immersive journey through slow, intimate house and techno, with peaceful atmospheres and mere elegance. Label owner Pablo Bolivar considers it one of his favourite releases; it is for me an emotional flow, hypnotic at times but mainly deep and timeless. The sonic experience is warming my soul and my heart during these freezing Berlin days; it’s an instant classic which I highly recommend.

* Page’s cover picture: Oye Kreuzkoelln in Berlin, a record shop from a member of our community.

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