43RD SELECTION – A new one every Monday.

Want to stay up to date with the most recent music, for instance for your DJing? Each Monday, we list and comment on our favourite releases of the moment. This week:

Asllan – Citizen of the World [Oslated, 2022-11-20]


A “new Oslated”, a “new Asllan”, you know, we know, it’s going to be dope. Then, before hitting play, could we just take one minute to admire Clément Davout’s incredible and maybe best artwork ever? The enchanting and elegant green door leaves us with just the desire to open it. Inside, the hypnosis continues with Asllan’s tribal rhythms and warrior motives: we are in the territory of the lion, it observes us, in an intense focus, before unleashing the power through three eloquent remixes, praise-worthy and almighty. It is impossible to escape…

Anima Mundi – The Anima Mundi [On the 5th Day, 2022-12-04]


Witnessing the very first work of a gifted newcomer gives meaning to our activity, for the excitement of the discovery of course, and maybe also for the guilty pleasure of saying one day “we were there when it all started.” Anima Mundi is currently under all radars, taking the word “underground” at face value with a below-zero online presence for instance. His album is yet a beautiful ode to Earth, which should be in everyone’s headphones “for a better living”. It is made to be listened to in full, not to miss the “OMG” effect of the rising drone from the intro for instance, or the subtle Moby-alike azure emerging in the middle of the third track. More than an accurate sonic representation of nature, it’s an experience.

Patterns of Perception – Future Patterns 01 [Patterns of Perception, 2022-11-20]


A single/EP/LP/mix by Konduku? WE LISTEN!! A VA where Konduku takes part? WE LISTEN!! A noise from Konduku’s car? WE LISTEN!! That’s what happens when dealing with an artist from our “hypnotic banquet”: he is a “label of quality”. As expected, “Future Patterns 01” holds the promise of its title, by delivering “50 shades of percussions” from the future, produced by artists who succeeded to meet the high standards. Behind the VA are Patterns of Perception and Minimal Collective, two platforms which are somehow in our own future, by hosting magazines, events, mix series and even a record label for PoP. As if it wasn’t enough, the VA is a charity project for the children…

Al Wootton – Artefacts [Trule, 2022-11-25]


WE LISTEN!! … Sorry for this reminiscence, but this is because Al Wootton also belongs to our “hypnotic banquet”, along with Konduku, Valentino Mora, Laima Adelaide, Launaea, Marco Shuttle, Klara, Rambadu and Azu Tiwaline (yes, they must be regularly mentioned). Now hit play to experience extra creative percussive grooves: behind the approach that reminds a little of the musique concrète, mildly geeky (a compliment from our mouth), enjoy the tribal minimalism and high modernity from the smart innovator.

Keppel – The Brooke EP [Well Street Records, 2022-09-09]


The release just landed on Bandcamp last week, but if you feel that you’ve already seen it before, it’s because the label usually invades all possible music-buying platforms on different dates, and it was already on other platforms before. Nevertheless, Well Street Records, like Oslated or Secuencias Temporales, proves one more time that it can be counted on to always provide amazing fresh music. Behind “The Brooke EP” is Keppel from The UK, not very active as a producer but extremely prolific as a DJ, better known as “Sid Quirk“.

SAAM – Aether Machines [Intersum, 2022-11-30]

SAAM lives in Sicilia, and can see Mt. Etna from his hometown…


To prepare such an article, we listen quickly to 400-500 releases, then fully to 30-40 “finalists”, before having our “top 8”, which we loop during the writing. For “Aether Machines”, that’s not what happened: we got stuck in the journey from the first second we hit play, from beginning to end. Then, when the sound finally faded out, only one question remained: “What. Did. Just. Happen?”

In this prodigious EP, we are at the core of hypnosis in techno: deep dense atmospheres creating comfort for the mind, repetitive drum patterns and dreamy soundscapes to empower the effect. To explain such a success, we have two hypotheses. Firstly, SAAM is Italian (yes, it’s a good reason, shut up.) Secondly, before actually mixing and producing, SAAM was – and still is – a fine observer, someone who takes the time to feel nature’s richness and to listen deeply to what the other artists do. This chilling temper led him to produce a smart first EP on NFEREE, before working for a few other labels. Then, “Aether Machines” is for us his most immersive musical contemplation up to date, also thanks to the brilliant remixes of his talented mates.

Sublunar – Corpora Trilogy [Sublunar, 2022-11-30]


Originally founded in 2017 by Sciahri and Dagdom to release their works, the Italian label quickly started to invite other artists as well. We still have in mind their 2022 tremendous VA dedicated to Ukraine (highlighted in our “love board“). From 2019 up until two months ago, Sublunar also developed a series of VAs called “CORPORA”, now reunited in the present bundle. Nuel, Sam KDC, Svreca, Desroi and many more talented artists offer us a pretty consistent journey for a bundle, made of dope bangers, showing great care and investment in the project.

Rune Bagge – Grab a Star [Northern Electronics, 2022-12-02]


We end our selection in the young Danish scene with Rune Bagge, one of our favourite artists. His generation lived the birth of Percy in 2017, Copenhagen’s first underground record shop, now closed. But this is who he is: underground, devoting most of his life to producing in a locked world, privileging music over words, with incredible innate talent. His creative approach consists of translating moods: angriness, depression, anxiety, any inner vibe that crosses his – tortured – mind. He tries to finish each track in one day, because “the next day I won’t be in the same mood”, he explains in an interview. “Grab a Star” highlights melancholy, linked to a bereavement and expressed through the game of tension between the roaring drums and the dreamy pads. It’s beautiful, touching, it brings an instant smile, out of a sense of hope that maybe “he grabbed a star”.

* Page’s cover picture: Oye Kreuzkoelln in Berlin, a record shop from a member of our community.

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