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Want to stay up to date with the most recent music, for instance for your DJing? Each Monday, we list and comment on our favourite releases of the moment. This week:

Leo Anibaldi and Donato Dozzy – Classics [Vargmal Records, 2022-10-28]

A fundamental track for the Italian hypnotic techno according to Dino Sabatini: “Leo Anibaldi – Fusion 1” (1994)

… Remixed by Donato Dozzy in 2016:


“Classics” dropped a smile on the face of everyone involved. On Leo Anibaldi’s first: the Italian veteran has shown deep nostalgia since 2020 by providing two old-school albums, Memories (with for instance “Ziki” recalling Aphex Twin’s “On“) and Pro Pop, as well as many re-issues of his past work. He must therefore be super happy to have two of his early tracks brought back to life and revisited by Donato Dozzy. The latter, on his side, loves to create bridges between the past and the future. He has always mentioned having been inspired by Anibaldi when, in the 90s, he brought the hypnotic repetition to Italy among many other aesthetics. Then, last but not least, we have Vargmal Records‘ owner himself, who is also behind Orb Mag, enchanted for having found the symbolic project he was looking for to finally launch his label. “Classics” matches his vision, by unfolding a dreamy Italian journey, both historical and timeless, cultural and hypnotic.

Deepbass – Inward LP [Informa Records, 2022-10-10]

His last mix on Monument to celebrate the release:


Deepbass’ artistic intention has always been to capture a sensation, instead of sticking to a specific genre. At the same time, what is “atmospheric techno” if not representing a personal experience, rather than imitating someone else’s?

Each album of Deepbass depicts a lived moment: “Campello” illustrates his stay on the Costa Blanca of Spain, where he transformed his sunny freedom into works of art. “Contact With The Machine” evokes his friendship with Ness, when the two artists used to party intensively in Barcelona. “Atmos” expresses self-confidence fed by love, when he moved into a new apartment with his girlfriend. Finally, “Inward”, through its warm reassuring melodies, immortalises his return back home, back to Glasgow. Four different places, four different studios, each time with a strong trippy effect: that’s what authentic music usually brings…

Konduku – Mantis 0910 [Delsin Records, 2022-10-14]


We call it the “hypnotic banquet”: a circle of artists who are “too good to be commented on”, by holding infinite creativity, modernity and musicality. They have pushed the artistic boundaries way too far for our humble human critical ears; it’s the “Fellowship of the Circle”, composed of Valentino Mora, Laima Adelaide, Launaea, Marco Shuttle, Klara, Rambadu, Azu Tiwaline, Allen Wootton and Konduku. The musical prophets have in common an old reincarnated tribal soul, whose aura may turn any atheist into a believer, any mushroom into a flower…

Over-romantic? Hit play on Konduku’s new album to experience the metamorphosis…

012 – Systema Naturae II [012, 2022-10-14]

Carl von Linné and his disciples, by G. H. Brusewitz in 1866:


Eight months separate the second issue of Systema Naturae’s series from the first one, which feels like years. Through the hype that surrounds Claudio PRC and the quality of music injected in his project 012, the Italian stalwart has succeeded to create excitement for each new release coming out on his young label. 

The series of VAs is conceptualised around biologist Carl von Linné’s close studies on nature: we owe him the classification of living creatures into “species”, “genres”, “families” and “reigns”, maybe a little metaphor of the classification of our own music, also deeply anchored in the nature.

The beautiful tracks however have a lot more to say than our easy comparison. Four extremely talented artists have designed their own connection to nature, subtle and caring.

Secuencias Temporales – New Hearts [Secuencias Temporales, 2022-10-17]


Not sure how Secuencias Temporales succeeds to make its compilations sound like consistent albums each time, and talking about feat,  the Mexican label celebrates its 50th release with the present VA, while being only a few years old. It is 50 releases of ultra-deep music that have never stopped fascinating us. 

Regarding “New Hearts” in particular, label owner Eafhm announced having given voices to unknown artists and when listening to the result, we want to say: “Dear artists, where have you been all these years? Why didn’t you come earlier with your magic, which has the power to heal the planet during these difficult times?”

Sam KDC & Flaminia – Grounding [Samurai Music, 2022-10-28]

A dope mix by Flaminia, showing how you open an event:


“Grounding” is a kiss to art in its deepest meaning. Two “ground-breaking” creators are at work. On one side: Sam KDC, a model for many artists including Lemna and label owner Presha himself, who calls him “a genius”. On the other side: Flaminia, co-owner of the experimental urban label Metempsychosis Records, who considers her live acts “experiences” rather than events, who conceptualises “fear” into dark broken beats and anecdotally, who met her label partner End Train in a Museum of Contemporary art. From such artistic presences emerges the sensation to visit a sonic art gallery when hitting play, intense and hypnotic.

Mike Parker – The Burning Roundtable [Token, 2022-10-31]

The cover art is part of his 1988 piece “Abstraction of a Pittsburgh Landscape“:


Like us, Mike Parker seemed pretty geeky in the 80s, with his fascination for sci-fi and his taste for weird pop music. Unlike us, his charisma however kept on growing over the years to the point that the labels, no matter how big they are, are ready to roll out the red carpet for him each time he accepts to release music outside of his own imprint Geophone. Having an EP from him is like a huge pride, but why? The music never really changed, the groove is efficient but the trip is not very evocative. What is your secret dear Mike Parker? 

An attempt of response: “he is home”… He is Prologue. He is one of the only sound signatures of the scene that make his tracks instantly recognisable, and which follow us since the 90s. He innovated minimal art, both musically and visually, dissolving the mind with his spirals and giving space to reflection. He is the “burning roundtable”: geometrical on the surface, but gathering us around his music and fire…

BLNDFLD – Something Happening Somewhere [Circular Limited, 2022-10-28]


We end our selection with a beautiful journey by BLNDFLD (Blindfold): a little sonic tale on Circular Limited. The Georgian artist is a poet of atmospheric techno, designing his layers with great care and inspiration, in a language that whispers peaceful words to our ears. It is particularly welcome during these dark years and the EP, added to “Static Mind” released in July on Intersum, confirms Blindfold’s talent to build efficient refugees for the mind.

* Page’s cover picture: Oye Kreuzkoelln in Berlin, a record shop from a member of our community.

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