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Want to stay up to date with the most recent music, for instance for your DJing? Each Monday, we list and comment on our favourite releases of the moment. This week:

Al Wootton – Forest Trilogy [TRULE, 2022-09-30]


The three forestal EPs “Maenads” (February 2021), “Callers Spring” (February 2022) and “Wyre” (July 2022) have been grouped together in the present compilation, released on Wootton’s own label Trule. We usually don’t pick bundles in our Monday selection, but we make an exception here, firstly because we missed the three EPs while they encountered a well-deserved large success, and secondly because grouped together, the tracks form a phenomenal album, made of complex dubby percussive pieces and deploying Wootton’s talent: if each EP constituted a wooded art gallery, the LP is an entire museum, made to be visited and revisited.

Konsudd – Glimmer [amenthia recordings, 2022-09-26]


Some scattered clues already announce that the EP will be dope before even hitting play. Firstly, behind “Konsudd” is the duo of extremely talented artists Konduku and Aa Sudd. Secondly, it is released on Garçon and Agonis’ label Amenthia Recordings, known for its cutting-edge experimental techno. Finally, anecdotally, it has been shared by a gold digger of our group. When hitting play, the EP keeps its promises: Konsudd sits next to artists such as Valentino Mora, Laima Adelaide or Launaea in the banquet of the hypnotic deities.

The Vortex – jinn | ج​ِ​ن | [The Vortex, 2022–09-27]


“The Vortex” is first and foremost a community on Facebook, that we see as “our cousin”: the group also shares hypnotic techno with great passion, as well as darker genres. Then, it became an important podcast in our scene, and recently, we had the nice surprise to discover its brand new project of record label… We smile in front of the topic of “jinn” proposed to the artists for this initial release; it’s a nice wink to founder Daasnomem’s oriental culture. Moreover, we believe that a framework can massively enhance creativity for the artists, as demonstrated by the producers of the VA, who have been particularly well-inspired.



2022 is definitely a good year for Khoros Records. The British label is nearly three years old but for us, it has never provided as amazing sounds as in the past months, as confirmed again with the present atmospheric techno VA. It has of course a lot to do with the chosen artists, but also with the personality of its founder, Van Morph, at the same time punk and particularly benevolent, at the same time tenacious and taking good care of his mates. Talented sound architect Alexskyspirit joined him to run the label (did you listen to his insane track in the VA?), and together, they form what we consider to be a perfect atmospheric duo.

Yukari Okamura – Theory [Muzan Editions, 2022-09-16]

We still have in mind her 2020 incredible live stream:


In its five years of existence, the Japanese label Muzan Editions has always enchanted us with its dreamy ambient music, sometimes childish, sometimes psychedelic, often experimental, flirting with the musique concrète. As for Yukari Okamura, we got to know her from her magnificent floral EP “Promise” released on Oslated in 2020, while she was in the game already since 2019, on labels such as Circular Limited and OVUNQVE. It’s however her DJ set for Monument on a rooftop in Osaka later in 2020 that made her unforgettable in our minds: we discovered a young artist with temper and personality, grooving the atmospheric frequencies with high virtuosity. 

She’s now on Muzan Editions and we just saw a link with the label’s sound signature, usually lacking beats. It’s hidden in a tiny little detail of the description: the imprint calls itself “a small label”, while having about 70 releases… It evokes a certain humility that we sense in the EP, authentic and minimal: Okamura is profound without overplaying, which creates an instant connection, like with the other tracks of the label and of her own discography…

Just a “Theory”…

Awo Ojiji – Solidify EP [Control Freak Recordings, 2022-09-30]

A dope polyrhythmic mix by Awo Ojiji:


It’s the second time that we bring this musical genre into our selections, while many could contest its relevance in a media dedicated to hypnotic techno. The reason: some labels already got it, we strongly believe that the future of our musical aesthetic lies in its mixing with genres that emphasise the bassline, whether it is drum’n’bass (Horo, Grey Area), dub techno (Well Street Records, Non Series), broken beats or UK Bass (Livity Sound, Parapente). At least, we slowly bring you into this territory, at our humble level. 

Austrian DJ/producer Awo Ojiji shows through his mixes and productions an indisputable talent to master the bass frequencies and rhythmic architecture. They are impactful and mesmerising, like in the present EP on the British label.

Kirilovsky – Astrale [Dosis Records, 2022–09-30]


We have faith that Ukrainian artist Kirilovsky needs to travel “far far away” during these mad times, and he takes us along with him through his intense musical trips. “Astrale” is what you call a very classic EP, with the formula “beat + atmosphere”, but this is the music that we love, with a great balance between the dark and light forces. The journey is nicely extended with the works of Dosis‘ owner Sam Wilson and of Virescence‘s owner Traversable Message. In this strange period, chilling out is maybe what we should all do…

The Alchemical Theory – Deep Ocean [UNHEARD, 2022-09-27]


Sure, we could develop how surprising it is to have The Alchemical Theory releasing a whole ambient album… Sure, we could remind you how RTNH and SVRA always privilege quality over quantity in their project UNHEARD, making no exception with the present LP… But to be honest, right now, we just want to drop the keyboard, get hypnotised by the incredible artwork and dive into the trio’s oceanic journey. We take our fins, masks and snorkels, and we tell you “See you next week!” Bye byyyyye…

* Page’s cover picture: Oye Kreuzkoelln in Berlin, a record shop from a member of our community.

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