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Want to stay up to date with the most recent music, for instance for your DJing? Each Monday, we list and comment on our favourite releases of the moment. This week:

#StopWarInUkraine [2022]


Our “board” of charity releases dedicated to Ukraine has been refreshed with a new page of entries.

The Alchemical Theory, Dino Sabatini – Sacred Process [Come In Records, 2022-09-09]

We still remember TAT’s incredible set in the canyon:


More and more event series become record labels: Inner Tension, Monument, Fur:ther Sessions, Profundo Collective, Initiate and of course Come In since 2018; the list is growing. It’s smart: you host a great artist, such as Dino Sabatini, you then request later a remix from him, this is what we call “a golden network”.

Another efficient formula: you remix a track, such as one from The Alchemical Theory, and then later, thanks to the magic of networking, you get a release back on your own project. Come In‘s owners Citty and Segment definitely know the “Sacred Process” which, for us, consists of “investing and exchanging”, allowing the birth of amazing releases such as this one.

Neurojacker – 4​.​37 LY [Circular Limited, 2022-08-18]


We are addicted to James Webb’s cosmic photo shooting, but we sometimes feel that a soundtrack is missing. Well, the frustration is now over thanks to Tokyo-based artist Neurojacker, who colours the sky with beautiful spatial pads and succeeds to send us straight to the telescope’s eye. Neurojacker originally comes from the industrial techno scene, passed by Aedi Records‘ space academy (not the first subscriber of it who signed on Circular, thank you Michel!) and is now an accomplished astronaut worth following…

Uun – The Animist. SEMANTICA 137 [Semantica Records, 2022-09-06]


Tadeo, Antonio De Angelis, Blawan, Luke Slater, Sam Paganini, they all play Uun’s electrifying tracks. It’s normal: the Detroit-based artist reaches an incredible level of dopeness in most of his releases. “The Animist” sounds like an extension of “Derealization LP” out earlier in May and brings various wow effects, from the perfectly-dosed kicks to the insane flanger of “Hecatomb” to the impeccable mastering by Enisslab Studio. Uun used to be a guitarist and we love that he kept the rock attitude in most of his electronic music.

Cast Coverts – Darkscape [Cast Coverts, 2022-09-11]


As foggy as the cover picture, monochrome and absorbing, the repetitive atmospheres of “Darkscape” instantly dissolve the mind. Like in the 1998 Japanese horror movie “Ring”, when Sadako’s vengeful spirit gets out of the TV set, the album’s mystery also spreads outside: Cast Coverts’ presence on social media totally vanished: there’s only a Boiler Room video left on Youtube. He’s known to be prolific but no trace of his work on the music platforms, except on Bandcamp where some of his releases – including this one – just got uploaded this weekend, while being many years old… We know that he has some DnB and musique concrète in his blood, which explains the Avant-guard moody music, but outside of that, we lack extra information: he became a ghost, evolving in the “Darkscape”.

Huna – U Too [CloudCore, 2022-09-09]


Now we surprise you with just one track… Repetitive, it contains field recordings, rolling percussions, dubby chords, but it’s nothing similar to what we have ever shared. While it’s a cool track, we selected it also to show you a creative concept: you basically have until Friday to buy it, after what, it will cost £999… It is part of a countdown announced here, and we are not sure what will come next: maybe a VA.

Granular Spectrum – Abiogenesis V​/​A [Granular Spectrum, 2022-09-01]


Colombian label Granular Spectrum is back with a new VA after its memorable huge fundraiser released last year. When testing out the content of “Abiogenesis”, take the time to play the opener in full and get transported by the drone: you may experience what Donato Dozzy’s audience lived at Labyrinth Festival in 2013, when he dropped a nine minutes-long drone in the middle of his set… The VA follows then with some creative tracks in the middle of rough hypnotic techno tunes. In particular, the pieces of Zemög, Distant Echoes, Ness, Shao and Foreseer are so yummy!

Tlacactoc – Typhoid Mary [Secuencias Temporales, 2022-09-05]


No, “Tlacactoc” doesn’t refer to an Aztec emperor but is the author of “Typhoid Mary”, based in Mexico and whose moniker means “nothing/silence” in the beautiful Nahuatl language (which has by the way some Aztec roots). Tlacactoc has been producing for years, but “Typhoid Mary” is his first official release. Starting with Secuencias Temporales is pretty rewarding, as it’s one of the best labels of our scene. The Mexican producer succeeded to express its ultra-deep sound signature through impressive experimental tracks, which augurs a great artistic destiny!

* Page’s cover picture: Oye Kreuzkoelln in Berlin, a record shop from a member of our community.

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