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Want to stay up to date with the most recent music, for instance for your DJing? Each Monday, we list and comment on our favourite releases of the moment. This week:

Noah Lyas – Before The Horizon Reinterpreted [Profundo Collective, 2022-09-02]

Example of a cool mix session, played here by Noah Lyas himself.


Profundo Collective, it’s initially a bunch of friends doing dub techno mix sessions for the Facebook live stream, who also turned their project into a record label in 2020, with co-founder Noah Lyas’ debut EP “Before The Horizon“. To celebrate its two-year anniversary, the label proposes a remixed version of the EP; a nice cyclic symbol but not only: the release is absolutely phenomenal, showing the impressive evolution of talented artists Adhémar, Doctrina Natura, Morpha, and Noah Lyas himself, who brought a deeper version of one of his original tracks.

From day one, the label succeeds to immortalise its sonic signature: groovy dub techno with rich atmospheres, each time delivered with impeccable mastering, by the crew itself.

ASC – Return Of The Emissary Remixes [Auxiliary, 2022-08-29]

The release in its original 2016 version, as a reminder:

The first rework:

The second rework:


What is in the mind of an artist who decides to rework a past EP released many years ago? A bit of “perfectionism”, AKA “the will to update past tracks with the current know-how”? This idea could match the first EP of remixes, slightly improving the original versions (except maybe “Zoning” that we personally prefer in its original cut). A bit of “nostalgia”, AKA “the pleasure to return back to a creative moment and expand it further”? This idea could match the second EP of remixes, more imaginative. We also have a third hypothesis: ASC is extremely prolific, with more than 200 releases up to date; what would you do if you are hyperactive but at one point lack inspiration to create from scratch? … Or maybe we are all wrong and ASC was just at will by the desire of the moment.

Apart from these considerations, the tracks are powerful, uncompromising, most of them seemingly issued from “Grey Area‘s fabric”, as described in Bandcamp, an opportunity for us to clarify what “Grey Area” is: it’s a label run by ASC, Presha and Sam KDC, which aims to build a technical bridge between DnB and techno; more precisely to integrate the DnB polyrhythmic style into 128 BPM tracks. In a chat that we had with the owners lately, they insisted that – unlike many say – Grey Area is not a DnB label; it’s hypnotic techno babe…

Toki Fuko – Narration [Affin, 2022-08-26]


We discovered Toki Fuko when he joined Affin back in 2016; he was already producing cutting-edge music at a young age, giving him the traits of “an electronic music genius”. However, like most geniuses, his ability to achieve very complex structures led him to explore experimental eras not always easy to embrace, such as in Caesia in 2019. Starting from the 2020s, he came back more inspired than ever with mind-blowing releases on Annulled and on Affin, intimate and accessible, and now moves forward with “Narration”, which we consider being his most accomplished artistic creation up to date: a beautiful sonic poem in low tempo, contemplative, with a fascinating touch of modernity.

D​å​gg​ě​r – Dawn Chorus [QEONE, 2022-08-30]

QEONE’s logo, well-inspired…


We announced it with much fanfare on our Facebook page: Polygonia launched QEONE two months ago and “Dawn Chorus” is the first release of the newborn label. As expected from the logo and from the owner’s personality, QEONE is conceptualised on deep techno connected to nature, with a specific guideline: the tracks must contain “a wooden or floral touch”… When we heard about this “vegetal” vision, we firstly thought of – well – Polygonia of course, and secondly of the Colombian scene, with its talented “forestal” artists such as !nertia, Zemög, Launaea and Szórëgg…

Now guess what: D​å​gg​ě​r IS Szórëgg… We know him from his memorable track “Apología del Despertar” on Indefinite Pitch, he also released a superb EP on Secuencias Temporales: he’s for sure a smart choice to start with and through the EP’s sharp percussions, he definitely succeeded to cut the rhythms like a keen logger.

Aiôn Lazura – Light Collision LP [Secuencias Temporales, 2022-08-08]


When Basic Channel brought Detroit’s minimal techno into warmer ambient territories in the nineties, creating also the cement of dub techno, nobody would have expected such a long life for the newborn “ambient techno”. Almost three decades after, French artist Aiôn Lazura navigates the colourful music genre with panache and swagger, through well-dosed eerie atmospheres, mixed with efficient basslines. As a French trademark, Lazura’s music is also very cinematic and contemplative, suggesting an ode to life and an invitation to travel “far far away in another galaxy”.

Planctophob – Blood Moon [New York Haunted, 2022-09-02]


Russian artist Planctophob is originally a son of the dark minimal techno from the past decade, in vein with artists such as Insect Elektrika, Daegon or Tim Taste, and owner of an emblematic label of the genre: Plankton Repellent. Over time, his music became more and more complex, reaching some creative experimental territories. Unlike the slightly geeky artists of the musique concrète, Planctophob has however managed to keep the qualities of his past music schools, such as the groove and the mood-setting proper to minimal techno. As a result, “Blood Moon” comes with original tracks, interesting for both the dancefloor and the home listening.

Dycide – Lamia [Fur:ther Sessions, 2022-08-07]


The artwork evokes IO Records, two stalwarts of IO Records produced the EP, it has been mastered by IO Records’ sound engineer, it is diffused by IO Records’ usual distribution company, so the EP is of course… on Fur:ther Sessions!!!

Now calm down and see the links: Like IO Records, Fur:ther Sessions is also based in Munich (yeah, they all know each other), it works with the same distribution company and the circle in the artwork – if you look closer – is like a mix of both labels’ logos…

Commenting on the music? Just hit play, it’s Dycide, you know what to expect…

Vâyu – Namtar [Huinali Recordings, 2022-08-01]


A meeting between inspired artist Vâyu and visionary label Huinali Recordings is a dream come true: the experience, hypnotic, contemplative and transcendental, is particularly breathtaking. It’s been almost a year since we didn’t hear anything from the French maestro, whose previous release on Affin at the end of 2020 has been particularly memorable. We are happy to see him back on track, and “Namtar”, peaceful with rich storytelling, was definitely worth the waiting.

* Page’s cover picture: Oye Kreuzkoelln in Berlin, a record shop from a member of our community.

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