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Want to stay up to date with the most recent music, for instance for your DJing? Each Monday, we list and comment on our favourite releases of the moment. This week:

Azu Tiwaline & Al Wootton – Alandazu E​P [Livity Sound, 2022-03-25]


Our dear hypnotic princess of the desert Azu Tiwaline, with her warm experimental creations, meets Al Wootton, the architect of cutting-edge, London-infused, dub percussions. The two artists are “true creators”, capable of bringing the listeners to new sonic territories, making their collaboration particularly promising on paper. If the first track sounds like an appetiser for the ears, the next ones combine so many details that a full listening is obligatory: the rich journey is made to be visited and revisited.

Epsilon – Moonshade [IO Records, 2022-04-10]


Any new release from IO Records is an event on its own, and by Epsilon, another one… So we basically have two events in one (yes, we do the math), and the result is as huge as expected. The German artist even surprises us with some vocal implementations in the back, which work like a charm. Deep, musical, mesmerising, the EP is simply magnificent, and if you think you’ve enough: two insane reworks end it, featuring Dycide and MTRL, achieving the explosion of the brain… It hurts.

Floating Machine – Abstract Memories [Aarden Records, 2022-03-28]


The Portuguese artist is in the game since 2013 and his pieces have always been well-designed straight from the beginning. The reason? Floating Machine is first and foremost a musician, playing the guitar, piano, sax, in various genres from jazz to reggae. He made a fabulous smooth EP on Circular Limited last month, and he’s back with a rich mesmerising journey, featuring two beautiful remixes by How To Levitate and Azidax.

a n j e – Voodoo Haze [Indefinite Pitch, 2022-04-08]


You also know him as Atomic Moog, the French artist belongs to the species of producers who “got it”, having a natural artistic sensitivity which allows them to create fabulous tracks, in the vein of Rambadu, Klara, Laima Adelaide and Simone Bauer. “Voodoo Haze” is as its name suggests: a very trippy and magical experience in the clouds.

Destination Unknøwn & Olympic Pool Maintenance League – Dawn Wind EP [Sunora Recordings, 2022-04-10]


Sunora Recordings has a pretty big collection of releases while being only a couple of years old. The label mainly diffuses the preferred sound of its owner Destination Unknøwn: some deep, rough minimal techno. On the other side, our dear Chris Bennie AKA OPML dedicates his life to health, with an intensity that can be sensed in his spectacular visual art and epic music. “Dawn Wind EP” takes the best out of the two artists’ worlds and proposes an impactful journey, confirming the smartness of the collaboration.

Destination Unknøwn – Stratosphere [Sunora Recordings, 2022-04-08]


Two days before “Dawn Wind EP”, Destination Unknøwn released a solo EP, starting with a massive drone, reminding 1987’s “Ecstasy in Slow Motion” by Spacemen 3, the track played by Donato Dozzy in Labyrinth Festival which hypnotised the audience during 9 minutes. “Stratosphere” then envelops the listener in a stationary cloud, before the sun makes its appearance over the “Soundless Forest”.

KLVS / Kloves – InjectU [KLVS / Kloves, 2022-04-03]


Bangers alert on the new release by producer and sound engineer Kloves. The Canadian artist is also an Ableton Instructor and we are guessing that he promotes the “less is more” formula to his students: each track of the EP is basically made of a drum pattern, an acid chord et voilà… It’s slightly exaggerated, but the – say – “minimal minimalism” is actually very efficient to shake the booty under the disco ball…

Bartig Move – Inercia EP [Children Of Tomorrow Records, 2022-04-08]


The good thing with Arnaud Le Texier’s label – and with his personal music as well – is that you can expect two values before hitting play: it’s going to rock the house and it will be well-designed. No exception with Bartig Move’s EP who, at least under this alias, with some EPs that he released this year, already shows great skills in his productions, mainly dynamic and textured. It is worth mentioning also that Le Texier has released a new pack of tools, worth checking out.

* Page’s cover picture: Oye Kreuzkoelln in Berlin, a record shop from a member of our community.

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