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Want to stay up to date with the most recent music, for instance for your DJing? Each Monday, we list and comment on our favourite releases of the moment. This week:

Cauê – Spellbooks [Affin, 2022-03-22]


Cauê made himself a name first and foremost as a talented DJ, with mixes containing Affin‘s tracks and clearly vibing to the label’s sound. Ending up in Spieth’s project as a producer is a nice success story; a little “fairy tale” which brilliantly unfolds in the EP.

Nils Edte – Wooden Tales [Secuencias Temporales, 2022-03-21]


The German artist is what you call a “music dreamer”, coming from the melodic techno of Gui Boratto, the electronica of Max Cooper, diving then into the atmospheric techno until its deepest floor. As a producer, he’s clearly influenced by the music that he’s listening to. In “Wooden Tales”: Hypnus meets Secuncias Temporales: Classic sonorities of the forestal techno, with its tropical field recordings and acid lines, meet the Mexican label’s deep sound signature. As a result, a very pleasant chill-out release, with remixes by two emblematic artists of the genre.

Øsc – Tantric [Circular Limited, 2022-03-24]


Italy is acclaimed for its musicians for an obscure reason linked to – hem – “the talent”, shall we say… Take Sicilian artist ØSC for instance: this dude only produces music from 2020-21 and is already capable to design subtle melodious pieces with impactful mesmerising drones. Circular Limited saw the potential, so did we…

Petit Astronaute – Land Of Famished Spirits EP [Space Textures, 2022-03-10]


If you believe like us that there is “a Scottish school”, represented by the drone-ish techno of Deepbass and Edit Select, we would say that Petit Astronaute’s music definitely fits to this family of sounds. It is therefore no surprise to see him collaborating with the great Scottish label Space Textures. Playing around also with spirals, the Georgian artist has created a modern EP, featuring nice remixes, including a phenomenal one by Alexskyspirit.

Ancestral Process – Beyond Esotericism [Ancestral Process, 2022-03-24]


While being pretty young, the French label has already a great number of colourful releases in its catalogue, both musically with genres evolving from ambient to dreamy techno and visually through the very artistic mesmerising artworks. “Beyond Esotericism” is the label’s first VA, starting off gently with four silky/melodic ambient pieces, followed by deep beautiful techno tracks, well-designed and immersive.

Charybdis – Sunken Artifacts II [Charybdis, 2022-03-25]


The least we can say is that Kindred and Vittjas Tief, behind Charybdis, work really hard to make their artists known in this ocean of music. Such investment and support, obvious in social media and music platforms, require a certain passion and dedication, which are pleasant to witness. The label owners however know how to collaborate with talented people, as shown in this nice VA and through the spectacular artworks from Pacaya. It is worth remembering that Charybdis is also a great podcast, highly recommended to check out.

Nusku – Void Noises EP [Onset Audio, 2022-03-25]


Formerly known as De.Sign with a long experience behind the decks, the Austrian drum’n’bass artist releases his first EP as a producer on Onset Audio, after few participations in other projects. Through his efficient dungeon music, he shows that he’s a new force to be reckoned with.

Artefakt & Claudio PRC – Collaborations I [De Stijl / Delsin Records, 2022-03-25]


If you’ve ever been wondering how Artefakt’s colourful melodies would merge with Claudio PRC’s peaceful atmospheres, you have now the answer. “Merged” is exactly what it is, the EP being the result of a jam session between the Dutch duo and the Italian stalwart. We can sense how fun the meeting was, through the ethereal pads and knowing the three artists’ notorious interest in the musique concrète.

* Page’s cover picture: Oye Kreuzkoelln in Berlin, a record shop from a member of our community.

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