14TH SELECTION – A new one every Monday.

Want to stay up to date with the most recent music, for instance for your DJing? Each Monday, we list and comment on our favourite releases of the moment. This week:

Klara – Devotion to light [Circular Limited, 2022-02-26]


The Macedonian artist confirms her talent release after release, including on Circular limited, with well-designed remixes by Kontinum and Laima Adelaide.

Vardae – Rhythms, sounds and things in between [Annulled Music, 2022-02-25]


The French artist announces it straight from the beginning: his album on Annulled is versatile, from dub techno to drum’n’bass. We however sense consistency through the management of the bass frequencies. No matter what, every single track, trippy and creative, represents for us the most current hypnotic techno, which is today a mix of various genres, playing around with the tempo and centred on dubby basslines.

Dust Mechanics – Hexagon [Nordanvind Records, 2022-02-22]


The Swedish artist’s debut album achieves countless years of work and is also the result of a friendship between him and Nordanvind’s owner Fjäder, who invested a lot of her time too in the project. On Facebook, Dust Mechanics mentioned his inspirations, pretty psychedelic: “Nature, club nights, friends, Ravi Shankar, subway escalator rhythm, the ocean and sometimes the total lack of inspiration.” It’s very authentic, in the image of the album.

Fook Yue – Uncanny Valley EP [Sunora Recordings, 2022-02-22]


Producer and live act Fook Yue from France has been experiencing various electronic music genres since 2014, and we must say that the deep frequencies suit him particularly well. The three-tracker EP installs a comfortable mood through ethereal atmospheric layers.

Motion Symmetry – Sonar [Warok, 2020-02-20]


Massive bangers on French label Warok, signed by NFEREE‘s owner in person. Like usual, the Welsh artist says no to the breaks but yes to the timeless hypnotic loops, at the core of his music. We enjoy that he went out of his comfort zone in “Lyrae”, risking some chaotic vibe, for an EP intended for the peak time.

Parasite – Parasite / Hostile EP [Structured Music, 2022-01-24]


In the game for more than two decades, German artists Twisted and Akano AKA Parasite are well-established in the DnB scene. “We simply love beats and dirty basslines” they say, as confirmed in their EP, minimal and fluent, featuring a deep remix by Personnage.

Solsan – Warrior EP [Drum Army, 2022-02-25]


Various inspirations can be sensed in British artist Solsan’s last release, from traditional music to jungle to dubstep, offering a rich core of bass music. It perfectly fits Drum Army‘s sound, a cutting-edge Swiss label, representing underground bass music in various colours.

Doltz – Asa [Muzan Editions, 2022-02-25]


There is a lot of personality in Doltz’ very first “strictly ambient” album. The Japanese artist undresses his music a bit more through charming atmospheres, enveloping the listener in deep comfortable mental territories, with a subtle work on the amplitude, by passionate artist & sound engineer Kris Keogh.

* Page’s cover picture: Oye Kreuzkoelln in Berlin, a record shop from a member of our community.

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