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Want to stay up to date with the most recent music, for instance for your DJing? Each Monday, we list and comment on our favourite releases of the moment. This week:

Doctrina Natura – The Hidden Power Of Reciting Mantras [Oslated, 2022-02-04]


We take the opportunity of the review to explore what it takes for an underground label to be successful, and get lost in the artist’s timeless musical world.

Octo Åeterna – Evolutiva [Danza Nativa, 2022-01-31]


Stunning balance between the drums, the drones and the organic sounds in the producer’s first solo release, as well as noticeable high creativity. The Berlin-based artist already shows high potential and is worth following.

Matthias Torm – Uragani [KVLTÖ Records, 2022-01-31]


Huge, this is huge… The intensity in each track is perfectly designed and controlled, making the pieces great to end a gig, when, after the prime time, the audience is willing to enter the trance state.

CvC – One [Belgrade Dubs, 2022-02-03]


It’s so easy to get lost in the dope tracks of the Serbian duo’s first release. If you don’t know raum.null’s label “Belgrade Dubs“, it is not super active but its releases are all incredible and worth a tour.

Eamo – Indigo [Circular Limited, 2022-02-04]


After his remarked EP on Melifera Records, Eamo shows one more time how comfortable he is with the atmospheric and organic frequencies. Deep, rich, colourful, “Indigo” stimulates the five senses on the trippy label.

Unknown Timeline – Gift Of Intercession (Time And Time Again) [Unknown Timeline, 2022-01-31]


Unknown Timeline launched its charity album, currently declined in three EPs, for the well-known GOCC organisation, providing medical equipment for the children and elderly. “Gift Of Intercession” impresses from its particularly efficient new collabs of artists.

P&S – Alpha of Disorder EP [Dynamic Reflection, 2022-01-28]


French artists Porteix and Shane launch a collab as “P&S”, and together deliver five club bangers for Dynamic Reflection. Thus the duo contributes to giving the label its nobility letters, written by a great lineup of loop-techno experts.

Zodiac Music – Malevolent XVIII [Zodiac Music, 2022-01-29]


It’s outrageously too good in between Zodiac Music‘s dark grey walls. The new input in “Malevolent” VA series honours the label’s flag, with well-designed hypnotic works and a special mention on Bayou’s super massive track.

Coppice Halifax – Pharmlands II (Cide A) [Coppice Halifax, 2022-02-04]


From ambient to psychedelic to electronica to computer music, prolific Brian Grainger impresses for having visited so many musical worlds through more than 600 releases. It’s when he plays the atmospheric card that we enjoy his music the most.

Joachim Spieth – Seasons [Affin, 2022-02-04]


It’s not easy to have a “sound signature” in the ambient genre, but Spieth has very unique control of the movement through his smooth undulating atmospheres, making his exploratory sound instantly recognisable. “Seasons” is another sublime immersion into his Silk Road.

* Page’s cover picture: Oye Kreuzkoelln in Berlin, a record shop from a member of our community.

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